Reflecting On Three Years Of Blogging

When I first started my journey into blogging and sharing so much of our life on social media, I had a few ideas of what I wanted to do, but I had no idea what shape this whole thing was going to take. Would I talk more about parenting or pro-life issues? Would I try to be funny and light-hearted or ... Read More »

The Untold Story of Finding Out We Are Having Twins

To understand this story, I need you to take a second to put yourself in my shoes. Imagine you are 38 years-old and your wife is 36. Together, you have 5 kids. The oldest is 10 and the rest are 4 and under. You’re a stay at home parent and your spouse travels for work. The travel is a bit ... Read More »

A Single Mother’s Take On “A Day Without Women”

It’s here. Today is the day. “A Day Without Women.” In my opinion, this is one one the worst ideas in the history of ideas. Of course a day without women would be disastrous. Women are being encouraged to take the day off no matter their job. Teachers, stay at home mothers, cashiers, doctors… Of course women are needed and valued ... Read More »

Our Daughter Grace: “Thank You For My Brothers & Sisters!!”

I have something very special I would love to share with everyone. Grace is our oldest of 5 kids (soon to be 7.) She is 10 years old, and when we told her that we would be adding another baby  to our family, she yelled, “You are the best parents EVER!!!” That was when we thought we were only having one. When we found ... Read More »

3 Great Man Products. Balms, Oils, & Wallets

There are a few things my dad taught me that I still practice to this day. Always carry a pocket knife, keep emergency supplies in your vehicle, and keep your wallet on you at all times. My dad had a beard or mustache when I was growing up, but he made me shave while I was living at home. Beard ... Read More »

Was I Worried My Wife Would Abort Any of Our Children?

Every once in a while I get asked some fantastic questions on my Facebook page. Most of the time they only require a short answer in the comments. But then there are the ones that  cause me to pause and think about my answer. Either the questions are super personal or I haven’t given it much thought before that moment. ... Read More »

If I Were President For A Day…

Here is a game I like to play with my friends. Imagine you can be president for 1 day, and you can make 5 changes to our nation. Anything you want. Whatever you decree can never ever be changed. (Technically, I think this would be “American Emperor” for a day, not president.) It can be something huge that might change ... Read More »

The Top 10 Books I Love To Read To My Kids

When we had our first child, I read to her all the time. From the time she was born until she could do it herself, I was reading to her pretty often. Five years later, when we had our second child, I just didn’t read to him very much. We had 3 more boys after him, and I still wasn’t reading ... Read More »