5 things I Don’t Understand In The Pro- Life Movement

Before you read this, understand that I am not trying to insult anyone or start any fights. I am just giving my honest take on things I have seen in the pro-life movement. Abby and I have been heavily involved in this movement for over 5 years now. I feel like I can give a pretty unique take considering that ... Read More »

Top 10 Things I Can’t Seem To Find. (Parent Problems)

The more kids we have the more time we spend looking for things. I think be the time we are done, it is safe to say that all will be lost. (as far as material goods are concerned) 10. The Floor Toys, toys, everywhere…   9. My Wallet I have finally learned to put it on a nice high shelf. ... Read More »

My Thoughts On Abby’s Post

If you haven’t seen or read the original post… “I had a miscarriage on Palm Sunday last year. We think he was a boy and named him David Raphael. My only prayer when the doctor told me at 11 weeks that my baby had died a month earlier (at 7 weeks gestation), was that I would have something to bury. ... Read More »

50 Shades of Johnson

The love that is expressed between me and Abby goes beyond what happens behind the closed doors of our bedroom. We believe that love is also seen in our growing family, our relationships with our friends, and our faith… We could share a billion ways that we express a happy, healthy, loving relationship with each other, but 50 seems to ... Read More »

Another Kind of Adoption.

Being a part of the pro-life movement, adoption tends to come up pretty often. We talk about it constantly. We talk to our friends that adopt new babies or older kids. We talk about open vs. private. We talk about foster to adopt vs. private adoption. Should we only adopt children in our own country, or be open to other ... Read More »

Not Just Another Pro-Life Face: With Guest Writer, Albany Rose

When you imagine someone standing up and speaking out against abortion, what comes to mind? Who comes to mind? Perhaps a priest praying in front of an abortion clinic. Perhaps you think of a lovely and modestly dressed woman, with clean skin, bare of body modifications and “normal” hair. When you equate this persons views in religion, do you think ... Read More »

JJ Watt Is My MVP

I just finished up watching the NFL Honors Awards and I am a little bummed out. As a huge Houston Texans fan and an even bigger JJ Watt fan, I really wanted to see JJ get the MVP award this year. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for Aaron Rogers. He had a great season, but for me, being ... Read More »

An Embarrassing Day At The Office

My wife and friends are always asking me to tell stories from my teaching days. For the most part they are better in person, because I am a pretty animated story teller. But I figured I could still get a couple laughs on here.       One of the most embarrassing moments I had as a teacher hurt my ... Read More »

The Plan B Commercial = Annoying

The other day, we were sitting around watching some TV when we came across a Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family. This is not a channel we ever watch, but we are Harry Potter fans (please spare me any lecture). So, we decided to dive right in. It didn’t take long to realize that during every commercial break, they were ... Read More »

Doug’s Favorite Winter Beers

Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Grab Me A Beer. Winter is my favorite time of year as a beer lover. When the temperature drops, beer and food start to taste better. This is when I put away the IPAs and lighter beers and go straight for the porters and stouts. I prefer dark beers year round, but they taste even better in ... Read More »