Things You Should NEVER Say To A Stay At Home Dad

Written By: Rich Lamm & Doug Johnson Being a stay-at-home parent is one of the most rewarding jobs a person can have. That’s right, I said JOB, and mother’s are not the only parents doing it. Dads are taking on the title these days and making a huge impact. We’re not the bumbling fools you see on T.V. or in ... Read More »

An Opportunity to Love (Guest Blogger: Laura Ricketts)

When Doug asked me to write a bit about why I was not only willing to come on board with Abby’s ministry, And Then There Were None (ATTWN), but also why I was over-the-moon-thrilled-and super-excited to do so, I had to really search for the right words to explain why. Naturally, I turned to John Paul II, my Spiritual Father, ... Read More »

My Interview With Jennifer Fulwiler

Here is the podcast version of my interview on The Jennifer Fulwiler show today. This was my first time doing any kind of radio show or anything even remotely like this. Of course, my wife Abby, is an old pro at this. She told me I did pretty good and didn’t embarrass myself too bad. So if she says I ... Read More »

Raising All Girls: Guest Blogger, Huey Daigle

Huey Daigle is a public school teacher from Louisiana. He enjoys spending time with family, reading, appreciates good beer, and watching soccer. He has four daughters and a loving wife and couldn’t ask for more. He seemed a bit like me and mentioned he had his own blog. I asked him if he wanted to share something on my blog. He said ... Read More »

6 Things You Should Know About Picky Eaters

It is high time for picky eaters to unite. We’ve been given a bad rap for far too long. Picky eaters are among the world’s most misunderstood people. We are good people. We have feelings, and it’s time for people to respect our nutritional and dietary choices. If you only knew what it can be like for those of us with food ... Read More »

Adopting Jude: From Absolutely Not To Let’s Do This!

Imagine with me. It’s 10:00 at night. You’ve just tucked in your kids, number 4, a 7 month old, is lying peacefully in the crib next to your bed. Not quite ready for sleep, you decide to scroll through Facebook for a few minutes. The first thing you see after logging on is a post from your wife that reads something like ... Read More »

10 Movies Every Pro-Lifer Should See

There are tons of movies out there that deal in some way with abortion. For me, it doesn’t matter if a movie weighs heavily in either direction. I am more interested in a good movie that makes me think. One I can walk away from challenged or inspired to really consider all of the circumstances involving the issue. I am always interested in movies that ... Read More »