The Day I Wanted To Quit My Parenting Job.

I don’t care if you have 1 kid or 10 kids. It makes no difference if they’re older or if they wear diapers. It doesn’t matter if you are laid back or high strung. Single parent, rich, poor, have a nanny, live with the grandparents, have a doctorate in child development… none of that matters. There will be days when ... Read More »

The Taming of The Beard

For about 5 years now, I have proudly sported a beard. I am not sure why, but for most of my beard growing life, I kept myself clean shaven. It’s odd, because I grow a nice full black beard. (All black except for the new grey guys that are moving in. No biggie.) Maybe it was because I didn’t know ... Read More »

Dear President Obama…

NOTE: YOU CAN PROBABLY SKIP THE VIDEOS AND STILL GET THE POINT Every so often, I am reminded how much I love people with Down syndrome. Right after that, I am reminded that the abortion industry has a huge bullseye on these children in the womb. I spent 5 years as a special education teacher, and it was probably one ... Read More »

Here’s To One Year of Blogging

Here I am, one year later, and I am still blogging. To be completely honest, this whole experience has been crazy for me. When I started, I had no idea what to expect. I had no idea what I was doing either. I probably contemplated starting a blog for over a year before I started it. Glad I did, because ... Read More »

5 Things I Would Love To Do

There are moments in my day, when my kids are quiet enough to let me think, that I completely zone out and fantasize about things that I haven’t gotten to do yet. Some of them are kinda silly, but I really want to do them. So, I figured why not write them down as a list of goals. Maybe they ... Read More »

10 Reasons We Have Made It 10 Years. Happy Anniversary!!!

Ten years. That’s how long Abby and I have been married. In that 10 years we have made 4 babies and adopted one, moved 7 times, changed jobs, joined the Catholic Church, converted from pro-choice to pro-life, published a book, travelled to several different countries, been to Disney world 3 times, and lived a very public life style. In honor ... Read More »

11 Realities of Having Several Young Kids

In the last three years, we have gone from a family of 3 to a family of 7. In other words, as I am writing this, we have 4 children under the age of 3 years old. It would be very safe to say we have some challenges in our life. There are times when you just have to come to ... Read More »

8 Indie Films I Highly Recommend

Why do I love indie movies? There are so many reasons. Independent films are usually more creative and  more of the director’s voice tends to come through. (Not Hollywood’s voice) I also like the low budget look and feel that comes with independent film. The content is usually more important that how much money the movie can make. When I get tired of ... Read More »

5 Things You Should Know About Pro-choicers

(Added September 2016) I originally wrote this in July of 2015. Out of everything I have ever posted, this most definitely got the biggest response. I would say about 60-75% of the response was positive, but I also got a ton of backlash and criticism from pro-lifers. Like most people, I stupidly concentrated on the negative responses. My mistake. Even still, there has always been ... Read More »

5 Things I LOVE About The Pro-life Movement

My last 2 blog articles along these lines felt a little negative. In fact, I felt like I had an easier time pointing out the things in the pro-life movement that disappoint me rather than things I enjoy. Maybe I have a negative attitude or tend to be too critical. Who knows? I don’t regret or take anything back that I said, ... Read More »