15 Movies My Kids Are Required To Watch

This list is more difficult to put together than you might think. To simplify things, I decided to only include movies from my childhood. I was born in 1978, so I am limiting myself to movies made in the early 90’s or before. This keeps me from going crazy and from making a crazy long list. Also, I am sticking ... Read More »

Ranking The Marvel Studios Movies, Including Civil War

After reading BUZZFEED’s  rankings of all the Marvel Universe films, I decided I wanted to do my own. I just did not agree with their list. Not to mention, I figured it’d be kinda fun to have a go at it. I just finished watching “Captain America: Civil War”, AND IT WAS AWESOME. So, now is the time to rank all the movies. ... Read More »

8 Indie Films I Highly Recommend

Why do I love indie movies? There are so many reasons. Independent films are usually more creative and  more of the director’s voice tends to come through. (Not Hollywood’s voice) I also like the low budget look and feel that comes with independent film. The content is usually more important that how much money the movie can make. When I get tired of ... Read More »

10 Movies Every Pro-Lifer Should See

There are tons of movies out there that deal in some way with abortion. For me, it doesn’t matter if a movie weighs heavily in either direction. I am more interested in a good movie that makes me think. One I can walk away from challenged or inspired to really consider all of the circumstances involving the issue. I am always interested in movies that ... Read More »

The 15* Scariest Movies I Have Ever Seen

I used to be a pretty big horror fan. There was a time when I would rather watch a good scary movie than a comedy. Over time, I have lost interest in horror. I don’t hate scary movies, but I also don’t go out of my way to watch them like I used to. Maybe it’s the gore, maybe I ... Read More »

My Top 10 Disney Songs

From the movies to the rides, our family loves all things Disney. Right now, as I write this, our good friends are driving their family to Disney World for their first Disney vacation. A family of five, with the oldest being 8 and the youngest being 5, they are primed for the time of their lives. They posted a video ... Read More »

My Top 10 Favorite Post Apocalyptic Movies

I have a theory as to why post apocalyptic movies are becoming more and more popular. One reason, is that the author or director can create a whole new world for their characters. Then they have the creative freedom to express their ideas however they like. The other reason is people have become too overwhelmed with their jobs, technology, and ... Read More »

My Top 50 Favorite Movies of All Time

  These are my favorite movies. I am not saying these are the best movies of all time, but they are movies I love most for one reason or another. They are not in order of how good they are. They are in the order of how much I like them and want to watch them. This will probably be ... Read More »