Our Daughter Grace: “Thank You For My Brothers & Sisters!!”

Our Daughter Grace: “Thank You For My Brothers & Sisters!!”

I have something very special I would love to share with everyone. Grace is our oldest of 5 kids (soon to be 7.) She is 10 years old, and when we told her that we would be adding another baby  to our family, she yelled, “You are the best parents EVER!!!” That was when we thought we were only having one. When we found out we are having twins…and that they’re girls…Grace was over the moon. She has been waiting patiently for a sister, only to welcome in another stinky baby brother year after year. I mean, she loves her brothers. She just really wanted a little sister to do girly type stuff with, which seems reasonable to me.

Highlighted below is a speech that Grace wrote and read to me and my wife. Our little Gracie is very creative and spends a lot of her time writing short stories, songs, or little speeches to read to us. She claims she wants be a public speaker like her mother, and she has a real passion for this family. This is probably one of my favorite things Grace has ever written for us:


My name is Grace Johnson. Today we made a very amazing and cool discovery. My mom is not having one baby, but two beautiful babies!!! Before I start, I would like to say a few words about my family. 

First off, my dad, to whom I never said thank you for taking time off to work and make so many sacrifices like giving up TV, or free time, and even me time. He puts all of his love on us. And for my mom. She travels around the world to save babies. She still finds time to call us and even when she works she still makes time for us. My mom also has given birth to my baby brothers Alex, Luke, Carter, and  we adopted Jude. Now, she is about to give birth to to twins. I am so happy to have more brothers or sisters. My brothers are always fun and need me. That’s why I love them. That’s also why I love my mommy and daddy. 

So I would like say thank you to everyone here. I love you and thank you for listening. 

Is Grace a special and unique little girl? In my eyes, yes. Not only does Grace thank us for being her parents. She also sees her new siblings as the ultimate gift. (Especially now that we know the twins are GIRLS!! Finally, she will have some sisters to dress up instead of her brothers.) I can’t take too much credit for her. Yeah, we made her and we are raising her, but she is more of a blessing to us than we are to her. There are days when she is actually the best parent in the house. Other times, she blows me away with how unconditionally she shares her love and compassion with anyone and everyone. Grace and each one her brothers all have such unique and wonderful gifts that make this family a blast to be a part of. It’s no wonder we can’t stop making babies.

This is what I would say to people that worry about their kids being jealous of each other or think it’s hard to love and care for more than a couple of kids. I get that people see this as overwhelming. Their concerns are understandable. Yes, some people are not cut out for large families. None of that means that we who have chosen to grow our families past the average are doing any sort of disservice to our children. If you can provide a loving and healthy environment for your family, then the number doesn’t matter. They learn how to take care of each other. They learn how to love each other. The older ones watch after the younger ones. They have fun as a group, and sometimes the break away for alone time. I have a special relationship with each one of my kiddos. Yes, we know all their birthdays. We can tell you the ins and outs of their personalities, and know all their special quirks. This is our family. Is this an easy life we have chosen? Not always. Is it worth the hard work? Absolutely! The only thing that is overwhelming about our growing family is the love our kids give each other and the love they return to us. It truly is amazing.

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  1. Glad to hear from you, Grace. Please write some more once you’ve met your new sisters.

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