A Quick Take On Ben Shapiro’s Transgender/Abortion Video

A Quick Take On Ben Shapiro’s Transgender/Abortion Video

I am posting this video because I think it is a good way to bring up the Boy Scouts and some of the decisions they have made over the last couple years. To be specific, opening up membership to gay and/or transgendered boys. Though I don’t always agree with him 100%, I have never seen a video with Ben Shapiro that I didn’t like. He tends to lack emotion and empathy. He’s very much about the facts. (Then again, the world needs people who can debate without getting emotional.)  In the first half of the video, Ben Shapiro brings up gender identity or gender dysphoria. I like what he has to say on the matter, even if it does come off a bit insensitive. The Boy Scouts are brought up, but not discussed to the degree I would like it to be. There are a few extra points that I would love to see debated as a former Boy Scout.

Sexuality and gender identity issues have nothing to do with Scouting. I was involved in Boy Scouts from 2nd grade on into high school. Scouting is about camp outs, leadership skills, communication skills, community service, male bonding, tying knots, cooking outside, wildlife conservation, rock climbing, team work, uniforms… it’s a great organization for building upstanding young men.

No sex is being had at meetings, activities, or campouts. At least there shouldn’t be. There are only two boxes to check when joining Boy Scouts. Are you a male and how old are you? That’s it. The rest is unimportant and has no real impact on anything that you would be doing. If you say you’re gay, who cares? If you are caught having any kind of sex… gay, straight, or whatever… there should be an equal consequence when you get caught. Why? Because sexual activity is inappropriate and unrelated to any scouting activities. If you get caught drinking or doing drugs in Boy Scouts there is a consequence. If you get caught hooking up with a girl camping in the same area as you, there is a consequence. If a Scout Master is molesting the scouts, there is a consequence. Why all the consequences? Because there are rules. There are certain activities that are not acceptable, and that’s ok. We need these rules to learn boundaries and to protect us.

As far as being transgendered goes, I don’t understand why the Boy Scouts even brought it up. Why are they getting caught up in this debate? There are two genders. That’s it. You are born one or the other. Shapiro’s argument in this video pretty much explains it all for me. “You can’t sacrifice truth because people are actually going to suffer because of the truth”  #truthbomb

I know that all these things will be brought up by the kids while hanging out at meetings and activities. I am not naive. If I’m wrong, and it WAS necessary for the Boy Scouts to address the issue, then so be it. If it were me, I would have just said we won’t kick you out or allow you to be bullied. There are rules, and you have to follow them. Don’t like it? Find another group the aligns with your beliefs. Done deal.

The second half of the video is great too. For the most part, I agreed with his answers regarding the abortion questions. His argument that people use the smallest possible percentage of abortions(RAPE & INCEST) to justify all abortions is on point.  Not to mention, why would I support an automatic death sentence for a child when his father is the one who committed the crime. He is the one who should be punished. Now, all the stuff he says about birth control and the death penalty, we are not on the same page. That’s for another blog post though.


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