3 Great Man Products. Balms, Oils, & Wallets

3 Great Man Products. Balms, Oils, & Wallets

There are a few things my dad taught me that I still practice to this day. Always carry a pocket knife, keep emergency supplies in your vehicle, and keep your wallet on you at all times. My dad had a beard or mustache when I was growing up, but he made me shave while I was living at home. Beard care was’t really a thing back then. I did’t grow a real beard until I was in my 30’s and I have had to learn how to take care of it on my own. People ask me about beard products every so often, so here’s a couple that I like to use. Just for good measure, I’ll throw in the kind of wallet I cary too. If you are interested in any of these, you can click on the pictures.

Lovely Beards Beard Oil & Balm

Growing a beard can be messy, itchy, and sometimes frustrating adventure. You see these guys in pictures with great looking beards and think, “What is this guy doing that I am not doing?” In my very humble opinion, it’s 25% genetic while the rest is beard care and grooming.

Having a beard has become a pretty popular look these days. That makes me pretty happy, because shaving is the worst. But here’s the problem with beards and mustaches becoming so popular. There are a million products!! It’s overwhelming and confusing. What do I need? Where do I start? What if I pay $20 for this and hate it? Here’s the answer. You have to ask around and just start with one. I knew that Lovely Beards had a pretty good reputation. Also, one of my bearded buddies also used their products. He smelled very nice and his beard was always under control. When I got on the website, I decided to get a balm and one of the oils. I let my wife pick the scent for the oil. She thought gingerbread beard oil sounded good. I chose Bourbon for the balm. I figured, why not? They both turned out to be good choices. I use the oil a bit more just because I like the scent a little better in the cold weather. Who knew a ginger bread beard could be so appealing? At some point, I hope to try all their scents. Another bonus is that their beard oils come in a much larger jar than anyone else’s. Same with the balms.

What’s the difference between a beard oil and a balm? For me, I would say the balm acts more like gel or cement in your hair. It holds everything in place a little better. The oil give a little more shine and a cleaner look. It also reduces the itching a little bit more. They both smell good and you can apply them both to a wet or dry beard. IF you have a curly beard like me, the balm tends to help keep it looking under control.

Catholic Beard Balm

If you are Catholic and have a beard, you have heard of Catholic Beard Balm. This is the first beard product I ever got for myself. I figured, if I am going to spend money, I might as well start with a product that supports my faith. Also, one of the scents they have is CHRISM. Who doesn’t want to smell like baptized babies? Have you ever been to a Catholic baptism? As soon as Mass is over, everyone walks over to the newly baptized children and they start smelling their heads. It’s a fantastic smell, and now I have it for my beard.

Here’s what I learned when I started using the balm. I no longer need to use cologne. Honestly, I don’t like cologne. It’s too strong. I don’t want people to smell me as soon as I walk in the door. If I am giving you a hug, and maybe you think I smell kinda nice? That’s ok. If you are standing several feet away from me? I don’t want to invade your personal nasal space. Doesn’t seem very gentlemanly.

SlimJIMMY Wallet

I was never a fan of keeping a wallet in my pocket. They always seems bulky. Sitting on a wallet at restaurants or for long drives is just uncomfortable. Now days, if you throw in car keys and a cell phone, it’s just too much stuff taking up room in your pockets.

For my 24th birthday I went on a ski trip to Lake Tahoe, Nevada. We were going to ski during the day, and check out the casinos at night. Now, before I went on this trip, I was warned about people picking your pockets in the casinos. We were told to keep our wallets in our front pockets. I had a wallet with a small flap that I could remove and keep an ID, a couple cards, and a little cash in it. It fit right in my front pocket and I hardly felt it. After that, I was hooked on small wallets. I have mostly just had money clips that hold a few cards, but the slim Jimmy is my favorite so far.

This wallet is the thinnest and lightest wallet I have ever had. It holds 6 cards and about 15 bills. You can get bigger wallets from them, but I don’t see a need for much more than a few cards.  The less you have in your wallet, the less you have to replace when you lose it. (or if the kids put it down the disposal) It’s made out of material that doesn’t stretch, and it is RFID protected. (Technology is scary, right? People don’t even have to touch you to rob you.) So if you are tired of back pain from sitting on a bulky wallet or maybe you need something just for travel, you should check out SlimJIMMY‘s products.


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