If I Were President For A Day…

If I Were President For A Day…

Here is a game I like to play with my friends. Imagine you can be president for 1 day, and you can make 5 changes to our nation. Anything you want. Whatever you decree can never ever be changed. (Technically, I think this would be “American Emperor” for a day, not president.) It can be something huge that might change the world, or something small that eliminates an annoyance in your life.

So sit back and think of 5 things you would put in place. If you think all green beans should be soaked in grape jelly, then so be it. There is only one rule, though. For this post I am not going to include anything that is blatantly pro-life. That’s too easy. I am obviously pro-life, so what’s the point in stating the obvious changes I would make regarding that subject? I am going to stick to some other changes I would like to see.

Warning: Some subjects, like welfare or how to “legislate moral” will consume your day. That is why I am not talking about it here. I have too many mixed feelings on welfare to make it short.

Everything Closed On Sundays!!!!

Here’s my number 1 gift to you, America: A day off!!!
Not just for religious reasons. I just think this country needs to slow down. Stop working so dang hard. Stop consuming so much. We need to rest more and relearn how fantastic family time and alone time can be. Chick-fil-a can do it. Hobby Lobby can do it. It happens in other countries. There is no reason why everyone can’t shut down for one day a week to rest.  I understand there are some jobs that have to be manned 24/7 or there might be explosions or imminent danger, but do we really need restaurants and retail open on Sundays? I say no. I bet most industries would survive with Sundays off. Maybe I am wrong, but this country needs some down time.

Fair/Flat Tax

I am so tired of getting taxed so heavily. I believe taxes are necessary. No problem there. What I do hate, is paying such a high percentage and having the government spend it on things I am not cool with. It’s like giving to charity with a gun at you back. I do wish we had a crystal ball that could tell us if a flat tax would work. Either way, how it is now is not working for me.

Term Limits For Congress.

Obviously, everyone talks about this. It gets bounced around and nobody ever pulls the trigger. Well, just give me a day as president and I’ll make it happen. It’s a no brainer in my book. I say 12 years total. In a row or broken up, it doesn’t matter to me. And why should they ever make more than the mail man? This should be considered a job of service, not a way to get rich, and not a career. I think too many of these guys just like the title and notoriety. Let’s keep the ideas fresh. (Not sure if I would do the same for Supreme Court Justices.)

If you are going to work in customer service over the phone, you need to speak superb English.

I know. This might come off as mean or racist, but I guess it depends on how much you like to be offended.
Here’s the deal. Customer service is all about communication. I can handle a thick accent/language barrier when I am face to face with someone. Over the phone? NO!!!!

If I call Verizon about a problem with my phone, or the cable company because they are charging me too much, I want to be able to get through the conversation quickly and know I am getting what I need done before I hang up. I have had too many ridiculously long phone conversations that went nowhere. They thought I wanted one thing, I expected another. They had to repeat everything 100 times and they are reading from a script. I CAN’T UNDERSTAND YOU!!!!! It has to be annoying for both sides.

No more! No more outsourcing. More training on how to speak correctly. I would think this goes for every country, right?

Oh, and don’t get me started on the automated guy that answers the phone, asks for all your info, then you have to give all the exact same info over again when an actual person answers. It’s insane!!!

Free Bacon With Every Beer

You may think this is crazy, but I think it will make everyone happier and lead to world peace. Besides, what’s the fun in being president for a day if you can’t throw in something awesome?  I  hereby decree that every time a person orders a beer, it shall be served with a free slice of bacon on a Star Wars paper plate.  #MERICA!!

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  1. Now those are some policies I could get behind. 🙂

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