Does Pregnancy Equal Slavery?

Does Pregnancy Equal Slavery?

About a month ago, I posted a graphic comparing the injustice of abortion to the injustice of slavery.

ifyoudontFor the most part, the response was great. I think the majority of people understood what I was trying to say. There were a few people who disagreed. That’s fine. I appreciate differing points of view. If anything, it’s nice to have the opportunity to talk to people and hear their opinions. Facebook would be pretty boring if there weren’t a few arguments here and there. Even the crazy ones can be entertaining.

Of the handful of people that didn’t like the graphic, there is one woman in particular who I would like to talk about. I unfortunately had to delete her comments. I didn’t want to, but I felt that she forced me to push that button. After several other people responded on her post, she made it very clear that she didn’t really care what anyone else’s point was. She also continued posting memes, graphics, and all sorts of quotes condemning the pro-life movement. She called us “pro-birth a$$holes” for forcing pregnancy, labor, and parenthood onto women. It wasn’t just one or two posts either. It was more like 20. She was posting so often, I had to block her. Not because she had any good points, or was overly offensive. I blocked her so she could move on with her day. She seemed consumed with hate. I felt sorry for her. Nonetheless, even after deleting her posts, there were a few comments that had me thinking for a while.

She had two distinct points…

1. How can pro-lifers be so upset about abortion, yet not show the same outrage about homelessness, hunger, child abuse, rape, STD’s, sex trade, and all the other social injustices that exist in the world?

The existence of dozens of social injustices and suffering around the globe does not cancel out the need to end abortion. I get a little tired of pro-choicers trying to put hunger and child abuse in our lap as if not supporting abortion is the reason there is evil in the world. If pro-choicers really cared (and I know most of them do), why don’t they suggest a few solutions? I’m sorry, but preventing life will not fix all the issues we have around the world. It’s almost as if some of them think supporting birth control and abortion washes their hands of any social responsibility. Reproductive choice is their social cause, everything else should be on those people that “force” pregnancy onto women.

Just for a minute, I wish pro-choicers would put themselves in our shoes. When they hold their signs and write their slogans in support of abortion, they should try replacing the word abortion with words like rape or sex trade. If they said “We want the holocaust free and on demand!!!” out loud… Maybe they would understand why we cringe at the word abortion. Maybe they would understand why we get equally as upset about abortion as we do human trafficking. Maybe we could actually work together and solve a few issues. Instead, they call us pro-birth and tell us we don’t care about women.

The truth about the pro-life movement is that it is already moving in a direction that includes the homeless, the abused, the poor mothers, the disabled… all life. To be pro-life, you have to respect life in all it’s stages, not just the unborn. When pro-choicers tell us we need to worry about these other issues, we say CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!

Please, stop asking if I plan to adopt any of these babies I am “forcing” women to have. The answer is yes, and I already have. Don’t assume I am against food stamps and WIC. I love those programs. Don’t tell me I have to abolish rape culture before I can abolish abortion. They both need to go. All these issues are going to be around for eternity. I won’t stop fighting these issues, nor will I stop saying that we need to show respect for life in all of it’s stages. I don’t associate with hateful pro-lifers or people that truly are pro-birth. That’s just not my style.

2. Pregnancy is a form of slavery!!

What!?!? How could anyone say that slavery and pregnancy are anything alike? How can we compare getting whipped, beaten, forced to do work for no wages, raped, being separated from family, and everything else that comes along with slavery to growing a human inside your body?

(Yes, I know I am a man and can never get pregnant. But, I am also a responsible man with 5 kids, and I have been by my wife’s side for all of her pregnancies. I might know a little bit about the subject.)

A few people asked her how she could make the comparison. Her response was that when you are pregnant, your body is no longer your own. You are a slave to that baby. Pregnancy is like a parasite living inside your body for 9 months. Now, I have heard the parasite comment before, which I think is atrocious. The slavery comment, that’s a new one for me. Even during the 8 years my wife worked in the abortion industry and hanging out with tons of abortion supporters, I never heard that comparison. It is the most warped view of pregnancy I have ever heard. How does someone’s heart get that hard to new life growing inside them? For the most part, when you are pregnant, you can eat what you want, go wherever you like, express yourself freely, and pretty much live a normal life. You’re not chained to a bed, that is unless you truly are a slave and your baby is going to end up on the black market. However, we aren’t talking about that. We are talking about good old fashioned run of the mill pregnancy. Do people forget that this is how we procreate? If this, “pregnancy is slavery” point of view were to ever catch on, we would be doomed. No more humans.

I guess I am ending this with more questions than answers. Oh well. Let the conversation begin.

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  1. I think that comparing a pregnancy one is not allowed to end, with slavery, can be useful. We can think of the limited ways in which the two resemble each other, and think of all the ways they don’t resemble each other.

    On any moral issue, I think that ultimately it is only our moral intuitions about the specific issue that tell us what is wrong and what is right. The point is not to come to a conclusion that something is like slavery or isn’t. Even if we can come to a conclusion that something is like slavery, how did we know that slavery is wrong in the first place? — our direct moral intuitions about slavery. In order to conclude that slavery is wrong, we didn’t first need to conclude that slavery is like train robbery.

    But the exercise of making comparisons can help us to find a correct, direct moral intuition about a specific issue, beyond any comparisons.

    I have thought as best I could about correct moral intuitions at

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