Dear President Obama…

Dear President Obama…


Every so often, I am reminded how much I love people with Down syndrome. Right after that, I am reminded that the abortion industry has a huge bullseye on these children in the womb. I spent 5 years as a special education teacher, and it was probably one of the most fun, yet stressful times of my life. I don’t know if you know anything about Tim Harris, but he owns his own restaurant, is a Special Olympian, and has Down syndrome. I have never met Tim, but his restaurant is on my bucket list…

Now, I want you to watch the next video of our current  president addressing our Special Olympians and even hugging Tim…

After seeing this (it’s a year old, by the way), I can’t help but but come up with dozens of questions for our president and his pro-abortion stance.

Dear President Obama,

So there you were, addressing who knows how many Special Olympians and their families, with millions more watching at home. You stood at the podium and gave one of your typical speeches filled with jokes and charming smiles. You introduced a couple outstanding Special Olympians, bragging about their accomplishments and spoke about the impact the Special Olympics has had on the world. At one point, you asked for a hug from the great Tim Harris. Tim has Down syndrome and is known for his restaurant where he serves out hugs to anyone that wants one. Tim eagerly approached the stage, said, “I love you,” and the two of you shared a nice big hug. I believe that your words and the moment you shared with Tim were genuine. The joy he carries with him is infectious, and I can tell you caught a little bit of that joy after your hug. However, I can’t help but come up with a few questions for you…

There is no debating that you are a pro-choice/pro-abortion president. At one point you even said that the people at Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers “are doing God’s work.” Throughout your political career, you are known for opposing any legislation that would limit access to abortion, including a bill that would protect babies that survive an abortion. It doesn’t take much research to know that you in no way oppose abortion. In fact, you love abortion.

Did you know that unborn babies with Down Syndrome are one of the most targeted groups of abortion? I have seen numbers as high as 90% of pre born children with Down syndrome are aborted. The crazy part to me is that the tests to decide if a child has Down Syndrome are’t even 100% accurate. I have heard story after story of women that were told their child would have Downs, just to find out the diagnosis was wrong. How did they find out the diagnosis was wrong? They carried that baby to term. Those women and families ignored their doctor’s encouragement to abort. Why? Because they knew it didn’t matter. They were going to love that child no matter what.

So here’s the deal. Imagine you are in the doctors office looking at the ultrasound monitor. The nurse is taking measurements and making notes. She tells you the sex of the child as you watch him/her squirm around. There is a lot of excitement in the air. Then, she seems to notice something that is a little off and calls the doctor in to take a look. You stare at the monitor waiting to hear what they have found. Imagine that doctor says to you, “Your baby probably has Down Syndrome.” In fact, imagine that baby is Tim.

Would you still be proud of Tim as you look at him on the monitor? Would you still love him in the womb as you did on that stage? Would you think about the impact he can make on others despite his so called disability? Would you look forward to all the giant hugs and “I love you’s” that typically come from a person with Down syndrome? Would you be able to hug the mother and tell her she can handle this, or would you tell her this will be too hard? Would all that charm and enthusiasm you showed on stage as you spoke so proudly of our Special Olympians still be present in that room as you looked at that baby on the monitor? Why is the young man hugging you on that stage any more valuable or worthy of love than any child resting inside their mother’s womb?

I don’t get it, Mr. President. I don’t get you. Why show so much admiration for these people because they are accomplishing so much, yet have no desire to protect them in the womb? I was a special education teacher for 5 years. In that time, I learned the positive impact these children have on so many others. I learned about serving others. I shared in the joys of young men and women reaching miles stones that you and I probably take for granted. There were also moments of sorrow when students got sick or passed away. But in those moments of sorrow, I saw communities come together in support of the family and people whose lives were touched by that child. I have always looked back fondly on those moments, even the tough ones. The number one thing I learned is there should be more of these shining examples of courage, innocence, and joy walking the earth. They deserve our love, they deserve our respect, and they deserve our protection in the womb.







  1. Doug – your letter=AWESOME. Thank you for your advocacy for the unborn in all their growing stages! Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • I will always support Down syndrone. my son was born with downs.he is a kind @ Gentle soul
      when all the downs childern are together they look after each other @help the friends in wheelchairs.good to see how kind they are to each other:)

  2. This opinion piece is extremely manipulative. To begin with, Down’s syndrome, which we all know is a genetic condition, is not solely diagnosed on ultrasound, as seemingly depicted in this article. A diagnosis is verified with blood tests or amniocentesis, with a high degree of accuracy (for the record, no test is ever 100% accurate). Furthermore, looking at a fetus on an ultrasound, a developing person without full sentience, and comparing it to a living, fully formed, sentient person is a bait and switch. No matter how the author dices and slices the argument, you can not make a medically informed argument that a 12-20 month fetus has the same sentience as a post-natal person. Therefore, looking at a fetus on an ultrasound is not the same as passing a death sentence on a beloved child, brother/sister or friend. Finally, having a child with Down’s syndrome does poses unique challenges to parents, including the potential for serious post-natal medical complications. Parents can choose whether or not they are capable of coping with those challenges over a lifetime. With frank and earnest discussion about what Down’s syndrome actually means, and how varied the spectrum of symptoms can be, parents should be able to determine whether or not they want to bring a diagnosed Down’s syndrome fetus to full term. I would speculate this position is held by the President, and it would not diminish his respect for the Special Olympics or children and adults with Down’s syndrome.

    • Do you know that “fetus” is Latin for little child. That’s the true “bait and switch”. Using terms to diminish a life. I had the same thing happen to me with my first child that was given in the hypothetical scenario. The day I went in for my ultrasound to tell me if it was a girl or boy the tec found something and wouldn’t tell me. My midwife told me it was a spot on her heart and she could have downs. And they sent to another facility to confirm it. They confirmed that she probably had downs and that the only way the generally do amnios if you would have an abortion after because “it causes great risk to the baby”. Both my husband and I said no way would we ever do that. Still devastated, my new baby girl, moving inside me, who have talked to constantly and seems to react to my voice and I prayed over her from the time I found out I was pregnant may have downs. I wept but I was determined even from the moment I heard the news that either way I would love her completely. She is now seven and in the second grade and although she has a spot on her heart and a dimple on her face she has no downs. Doctors can be wrong. I know of people who were told they were going to have a girl and they had a boy. Happens a lot. Doctors told my dad that he was going to die by age six cause he was born with heart defects. Told his parents the day he was born to take him home and be happy with him while it lasts. Had his first heart surgery at six and many more to follow. Passed away at age sixty. A true light in my life. Please when will we stop degrading our beginnings in the womb. We ALL have come from one.

    • This is the most robotic heartless response I have ever seen on my site. I am fully aware of the fact that blood tests are also done, but what difference does it make how the diagnosis is reached? Here is what I can say as a medically informed person. A fetus, no matter what stage it is in, is either viable/alive or non-viable/dead. If the pregnancy is still viable, that is a human life that is OWED our protection. If not, then why do drunk divers and murderers get double homicide convictions when pregnant women get killed? If a person doesn’t think they can handle the challenge, then there is adoption, not killing. But, I don’t believe parents are as unfit as people want to make them out to be. We tell women and parents all the time that parenthood is too hard. Raising a child while in school is too hard. A career is more important and too hard if you are a parent. MALARKY!!! Women and men are stronger than that.
      Ps: you can say fetus all you like. That does not mean the baby is not alive or human. Fetus means offspring or little one, not inhuman clump of cells that I can discard.

      • Doug, I just wanted to say thank you for standing up for children AND women! We need more brave men like you. That majority of women get abortions because they feel that they have no other choice because they don’t have enough emotional or financial support. Instead of telling women that they are right to underestimate their strength, we should be fighting this false idea that women cannot get educations, build careers, all while being pregnant. Yes it is difficult, but doable. It would be even more doable if we as a culture were more supportive of pregnant women as well, which will never happen if abortion is still legal.

        • I couldn’t have said it better myself.

        • Rather than try to legislate the morality, let’s create the culture that supports women (and their spouses) as they negotiate the struggles of carrying to term and then raising a special needs child – or ANY child! If we lobby for that, then we will be faced with fewer and fewer abortions because families will feel supported *through the entire life span*.

          Also, I think it’s a logical fallacy to say that because President Obama supports the political reality of abortion (and because he knows that he has incredible opposition to funding the social supports that would deter abortions without legislation, that he therefore loves abortion. That’s poor logic, and you are assuming you know someone’s heart, which is judgmental. So, let’s not go that route, shall we? Let’s instead agree to allow our tax dollars to support the people in our communities who need it. If you’re voting against your tax dollars funding social programs to help others, then you are not pro-life. You’re just anti-abortion.

          • As far as your first paragraph goes, that’s a no brainer. I have never thought or spoken differently. We have to change the culture first. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t change the law. Laws are a reflection of our morals.
            The second paragraph…You just did to me what you told me not to do to Obama. Not wanting your tax dollars to go to a ridiculously broken system that has created a sense of entitlement and enabling that will take generations to fix does not negate my pro-lifedness. I support social systems, just not the current ones. If there is one thing my wife and I are trying to promote it’s a consistent life ethic for conception to natural death. Help the needy, feed the poor, no abortion, no death penalty, no euthanasia, help single mothers, educate young fathers, love thy neighbor, and all that jazz…
            And yes, I am anti-abortion. Thanks for noticing.

    • The value of a life isn’t determined by whether or not that child is wanted by his/her parents. The value of a life is inherent; the value of a life is completely independent of the thoughts or feelings of another person. If a fetus, child, gestational being (whatever you call a baby in the womb….changing the label doesn’t change the reality that this is a child who should be born) is deemed to be too much of an inconvenience to the parent(s)….that opinion does not decrease the fact that this is still a life. Would anyone euthanize their elderly parent with severe dementia simply because they are severely dependent, cannot contribute to society anymore, and would be an inconvenience? Of course not!! Yes, this elderly parent HAD contributed to society in the past….but an unborn baby has the potential to contribute to society (if you do not abort and let him/her live!).
      My pro-life stance has NOTHING to do with religion. I only became pro-life after i had my first daughter. In her 12 AND 20 week ultrasounds she had her hand on her forehead. She is 6 now, and still sleeps like that. My second daughter was really, really active in utero…and still can’t sit still. Yes, this was a personal experience…but it just solidified the fact that at 12 weeks gestation, my daughter had already formed habits and preferences (albeit, small preferences of body/arm positioning) she still has as a “living, fully formed, sentient person.”
      Watch an ultrasound guided abortion video…those babies who are being ripped apart are in pain. They ARE “living, fully formed” people. We wouldn’t treat the offspring of our dogs or cats this way….why are we saying this is OK (even celebrating this brutality) and calling it “Women’s rights”? This is a HUMAN rights issue. We are killing the most helpless ones in or society

    • I can’t imagine all the beautiful souls, this earth has never gotten to know…and indeed, these ones aborted, are someone’s potential, beloved brother, sister, neighbor, best friend, son, daughter, future parent, etc. etc. Human life, needs to be treated with dignity, from conception, to its’ natural end.

    • Christopher – there is no need for you to speculate what President Obama’s position is on anything abortion related – public record will show you that his radical proabortion stance is proven by his voting record. There was no vote more heartless than his, while serving in Illinois – when he voted against giving comfort treatment to infants born aline during botched abortions. Your opinion in this matter is at best, uninformed, at worst – as coldly cruel as that of our current president.

  3. Please don’t blame planned parenthood in this – they DO provide life saving services to women – cancer screening, annual exams, pre-natal care, etc – every doctor out there tells women over 35 they need all these extra tests to find out what types of issues their unborn child may have. Those doctors, the same ones delivering all these babies, WILL perform abortions in those cases. This has nothing to do with Planned Parenthood.
    And to say that someone who is pro-choice is pro-abortion is just illogical. That is the same as saying that if I’m pro-freedom of speech that I’m also pro-KKK or pro-racist or basically in favor or whatever anyone decides to do with that freedom. I am pro-choice, but I am not in favor of abortion.
    President Obama has not aborted any Down’s Syndrome children. To say he doesn’t care about people with disabilities, or people who were dealt a bad hand in life, tells me that you know nothing about his career or his life.
    If you want to encourage people to not abort Down Syndrome children, then preach that – don’t attack the President. Provide info about resources – make sure these women whose doctors in practices all over the country are telling them about all the risks, also know the joys. THAT is what could make a difference – help people make the right choice, don’t just take the choice away.

    • I got pregnant at 38 and my doctor did NOT tell me I “need all these extra tests.” She offered them and I declined. 80% of children with Down syndrome are born to mothers under 35.

    • Allison, you are delusional. A feel a new kind of crazy coming on this world after reading your post. The one thing that jumps out at me and not in a scary kind of “boo” kind of way.. but rather a “jumps out of the bushes as you’re running and tries to mug you kind of jumping out at you. Here it is: “And to say that someone who is pro-choice is pro-abortion is just illogical.” Seriously? If someone is promoting a women’s right to choose “an abortion”. then they (or rather you) ARE ProAbortion. It is the promotion of abortion.. or, um, murder.

      • Um, no. I am pro-choice. I am for a woman choosing to parent, choosing adoption or choosing abortion. Not everything is black and white.

    • If you are pro PlannedParenthood, you are pro-abortion! They are the biggest abortion provider in the U.S.
      They are almost completely unregulated too, filthy, disgusting, always bending the rules to make a buck. They are there to, as their founder, MArgaret Sanger said, “to create a race of Thourghbreds ” she was bent on getting rid of the black population.

      Abortion takes a life (sometimes two if the mother has complications!) that is never something we should advocate for.

      • Planned Parenthood is probably the most regulated organization in this country and Margaret Sanger was not in favor of eliminating black people. Don’t mindlessly believe everything you read or see on the internet. Do some research.

        • Planned Parenthood is very regulated. That is true. They also know when the visits are coming so they can clean house. I know this because my wife worked there for 8 years.
          Talk about being in denial. Just go look up Margaret’s quotes/writings. She had an extensive writing career, so you don’t have to look far. Here are few of her works to look up:
          Pivot of Civilization, 1922
          April 1932 Birth Control Review
          Woman, Morality, and Birth Control. New York: New York Publishing Company, 1922. Page 12.

          “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

          • I worked for PP for 5+ years. They do not always know when visits are coming, they happen randomly, all the time. That Margaret Sanger quote is completely out of context. She was legitimately worried about opening birth control clinics in African American communities – that they would (rightfully, given our country’s history) be fearful of forced sterilization. She worked with community leaders to make sure her true mission, of allowing women to plan their parenthood was known. Read the full text.

        • Oh, and Hitler didn’t hate Jews. Do some research.

    • That’s not true. Planned parenthood only refer woman to the places that do them. They do no exams or anything other than abortions. Their base is in England. They have other facilities in India, China, Africa, and South America (an article was done on the one in South America awful how they treat the woman). They receive founding from over 7million contributors. Go to their site and see for yourself the truth about them.

      • Wow. You have some misinformation. They do so much more than abortions. A small level of actual research will show you that they do tons of primary health screenings. Please look at the facts. Go to their site and see for yourself.

        • …however, the taking of a life, is not a health issue… Let’s not, be in denial, abortion, is BIG BUSINESS! We don’t help poor women, by denying their right to have children, nor women of different nationalities, etc.
          Women, do have rights to THEIR bodies, yet not…to someone else’s. A baby, is its’ own person, housed, within the woman’s womb….

        • Alex – YOU need to explore the facts. PP is masterful at manipulating their records to minimize the amount of abortions they do. I am glad that you are on this site – hoping that you learn something here.

  4. Made me think about the community of people with Downs and their families, in my limited but joyful interactions with them. In recognizing how much they love others and bring joy into people’s lives, we often are tempted to say things like, they do so “in spite of their condition.” Well, despite their condition not making them what the world considers “normal” or “healthy,” perhaps God has sent them just as they are for a reason. In fact, as a person of faith, I think we have to be certain that God has done just that. By treating it like a mere “condition” that we have to “deal with” (including by means of a abortion), we truly are denying God’s will, and the contributions that these people are meant to make here in their lifetimes on this Earth. It is part of the larger problem with treating the unborn (and the born!) as though they are only worthy of life if they are “useful” in our limited earthly terms, or are what “works” for us in the moment.

  5. I guess John the right to life of the unborn means nothing to you. There should be a constitutional right to life and the pursuit of happiness for the unborn…you were an unborn once. Women should not be allowed to decide who is born or not…they are selfish….and potentially murderers….it has nothing to do with religion…but everything to do with the right to life. Probably a concept that is too deep for you to comprehend…

  6. Lol this article lost all credibility as soon as you called Obama “pre-abortion”

    • Double check your response when you are trying to talk trash. Just a little heads up.
      What is the problem with the term pro-abortion? Why can’t people that are for abortion, or ok with abortion own that label? If we aren’t truly discussing the other choices, then why can’t we narrow it down to the point of contention? I have no issues with being called anti-abortion. I am exactly that. 100% against abortion. I own it. I don’t like inflammatory phrases. I think they are lame. Both sides have stupid phrases and words they like to use, but I don’t think pro-abortion or anti-abortion fit in that category.

      • The problem with the therm pro-abortion is that I don’t know anyone who is pro-abortion. I am pro-choice. If a woman is ready to parent a child than I am 100% in favor of giving her the support to do that. If a woman is willing to go through 9 months of pregnancy to give a child to willing parents, I support that. If a woman doesn’t want to be pregnant, I support that. That is pro-choice.

        • Ok, so you are 100% in favor of supporting a woman getting an abortion. Thus, pro-abortion. Why is that so hard to own?

          • Because it’s inaccurate. I am in favor of women being able to access safe and legal abortion. Pro-abortion implies that I want everyone who is pregnant to have an abortion, which is untrue.

        • Definition of “pro-“:
          One who supports a proposal or takes the affirmative side in a debate. adv.

          You take the affirmative side of the abortion argument. You are pro-abortion. Like Doug said, Own it.
          If a person is pro-legalizing marijuana, that means they think it should be legal, not that they want everyone to use it. If a person is pro-gay rights, they think the GLBT community should be allowed the same rights, but not necessarily saying everyone should act upon those rights (ie-get married, etc) if they don’t want to. If a person is pro-alternative medicine (homeopathic remedies), that doesn’t mean they think everyone should only use alternative medicine instead of traditional medicine.

          “Pro” just means you’re in favor of something. You’re pro-abortion. If you’re so proud of that stance, why won’t you own it?

  7. This brought joy to my day. Having a down syndrome relative and spending a week of vacation at Catholic Familyland every summer, has always allowed us the blessing of being with down syndrome people of various ages and stages in their lives. What a gift! My husband always says, “Looking in the face of a Down Syndrome person is truly looking in the eyes of God.”

  8. Thank you, Doug. This was very nicely done. I was in Albuquerque last year to pick up my grandkids and planned to take them to Tim’s Place for lunch. Sadly, my plane was delayed and we got there late. This is still on my bucket list, too.

  9. That is awesome that you feel that every child deserves a chance. Its awesome that you dedicated your time to teach them and help them grow. How is it that Obama is wrong for allowing a women to choose what happens to her body. Your beliefs are your own, no one else’s. You try and speak from the moral high ground as if you are right. The fact is your ethics and morals are not facts. They are your opinions. This is a nation of individual rights, your beliefs are yours. You do not have a right to enforce them on others. You speak of how Obama can be so proud of the kids with down syndrome yet condone abortions? He respect people enough to know that they know who they are, what they can handle, where they came from and knows that they know better than he of whats best for them. So if a mother decides she can not handle the child whether due to emotional issue or just plain laziness he respects her choice. whats better a child that is loved or child that is hated for what they are. He also respects her if she decides to have the child he respects her choice. He can also still celebrate the childs life and accomplishments. The pro-choice stance does not exclude you from being able to celebrate or try to help children. Its not your decision to make, your beliefs end at the beginning of hers. This nation was founded by Christians ill grant you, but it is not a nation of Christianity. Simply put the inalienable right which is truly what our nation is founded on and the Constitution written with has a similar teaching as the Christian belief but is not the same thing. That is the reason they made a separation so the religious right could not enforce their beliefs across the board on people with differing views. So a moral stance of this is what the nation was founded on and should follow the churches teaching is a slanted and incorrect view. Then the next is the right of her to own her own body, the third is her choice has no effect on your life liberty or pursuit of happiness so you have no right to infringe on hers. This is a choice between herself, her doctor, her conscious, and her god, note i said her god not yours and only if she has one. Its easy to judge from the side lines. You have no right to, nor any religious right to judge according to any religion. Disagree all day long teach your kids to not get one, preach, and fund alternatives, adopt but stop presenting your opinion as fact. Stop trying to take away peoples rights because it makes you sad. Her choice is her choice not yours. So in other words Obama is the bigger man here, bigger by far than you for respecting the women and her choice because you dont know what she had to go through come to that choice. Or whats she puts herself through everyday because of it, but to think you know whats best or morally correct in her instance is arrogant borderline narcissistic. he is the better for not judging her for it. Also not every doctor preaches abortion for children with down syndrome. You should not opt your opinion as fact again. Ill close with this i for one would never wish for any of my children to be aborted, but i have no right to tell a women what she can and can not do with her body. Thats a very sexist view to think as a male you know best. Or if your a female arrogant view that you know better.

    • John, you had a lot to say, including “This is a choice between herself, and her doctor”…. isn’t someone missing in this discussion? (… are you scratching your head trying to figure out who that “someone” is?)

    • Funny, I did not see anything about Christianity in Doug’s article.i’ll bet you would not want a woman to choose to use her body to murder, steel, cheat, lie,abuse, or bear false witness, Especially if it affected you! Morality is up held by religious and civil institutions. It is rooted in the way we treat each other. And how we want to be treated. Pretty cowardly stance given that you could never be aborted now that you are already born

    • john, thank you so much for saying this! i’m so over ANYONE saying pro-choice is wrong… why is it wrong with what i choose to do with my body? “you’re killing a life that hasn’t even had a chance” is the argument i get. life? a fetus is technically a parasite (“an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host’s expense”). i was a parasite once, but i’m glad my mom was ready for me.
      if you feel that you have a right to walk into my doctor’s office, into the exam room and listen whenever you want to how i’m treating my body, you are sadly mistaken. it’s none of your business, just like it’s not my business to listen to what goes on in your doctor’s office.
      are you going to adopt every unwanted child that’s born because you think it’s wrong to abort it? are you going to take the financial responsibility on yourself? no, of course not. you’ll complain about how every child should have a chance, but if it actually affected you, what would you say? think about it. we already have enough unwanted kids living in foster care and CPS, and they sure as heck aren’t getting the love they deserve.
      these women aren’t being selfish… they are being realistic. granted, there are some women that use abortion as a birth control method, but there’s nothing you can do about that. if you want to stop abortion, you should have a law put into place that you can’t have sex unless you want to conceive. but you won’t do that, will you? nope, because then it will affect you.
      people, get off your high horse and realize that those of us that are brought into this world should love each other. stop judging.

      • Heather, You lost me when you compared a baby to a parasite! How big of you to compare yourself to a parasite too but one that ‘deserved’ life because your mom was ‘ready.’ I guess there is no point pondering if she wasn’t ‘ready’ because then you wouldn’t be here. Any one that calls themselves ‘pro-choice’ are truely deceiving themselves and should just call it like it is, ‘pro-murder.’ I know saying that to other liberals and like minded humanists won’t sound as ‘progressive’ as you’d like but still…. That is what you are. I guess for the sake of your future children and what ever plan God has for them I will keep my fingers crossed that you’ll feel ‘ready’ too when the time comes and give them the same chance at life that you were given.

    • No where did Doug mention Christianity. You hardcore left wingers are so quick to point out religion in an argument when it was never mentioned in the first place. I think what Doug was trying to say is that your precious leader is a damn hypocrite. Who supports a bill that would make it illegal to save the life of a baby who survived an abortion?

    • John,
      While it seems that you are trying to protect the women in your life from men like Doug, it also seems as though you have failed to think for yourself and have simply adopted the ideas of the mainstream media. I would like to speak on this issue. I am NOT a Christian, but an atheist scientist in the fields of biology and chemistry, so you can exclude your ill constructed “This nation was founded by Christians ill grant you, but it is not a nation of Christianity” counter argument at this time. I agree with you that church and state should be kept separate from one another when it comes to government policies, but what I do NOT agree with you on is the idea that a woman can do whatever she wants when she becomes pregnant. In my opinion, a woman can do WHATEVER she wants up until the point that she becomes pregnant. Whether she chooses to have premarital sex with multiple partners at one extreme or entirely abstain from sexual relations at the other is entirely up to her. If a woman decides to become sexually active, I believe it is her right to choose any form of contraceptive method to prevent pregnancies that she desires. The issue that I have with your argument is that you are assuming that when a woman becomes pregnant, it is ONLY her life that matters. I’m going to assume for the sake of clarity that you do not understand what happens biologically when a woman becomes pregnant. Natural pregnancy occurs when a sperm cell meets an egg cell in the fallopian tubes of the woman’s reproductive system. At that time, the generic material from the egg and sperm combine to make a cell (now called a zygote) with a different generic makeup from either biological parent. All of the child’s genetically controlled attributes are determined AT THIS TIME. AKA, if you were to take the zygote and sequence the DNA, you would be able to tell the sex of the baby, the eye color, hair color, etc. In case you haven’t taken biology, a cell is considered a form of life! Having the 23 human chromosomes and an individualized genetic makeup, this cell is a NEW human life, by DEFINITION. It is not fully developed into life as we know it, since the cells are not yet specified into lung tissue, or liver tissue etc. However, it is STILL HUMAN LIFE. After the zygote is formed, it splits into two cells about every 12 hours. (After 12 hours there are 2 cells; after 24 hours there are 4 cells; after 36 hours there are 8 cells, etc.) After about 5 days there are about 500 cells. At this time it has just reached the uterus and implanted itself into the uterine wall. This is about 21 days after a woman’s last period, before any pregnancy test could even read positive. About 22 days after conception, the baby’s heart is in the form of an s-shape and already begins beating! At four weeks old, the baby is already beginning to produce its own blood cells. At 5 weeks, the brain, spinal cord, and blood vessels are already being developed. At 9 weeks, the baby’s digestive tract and reproductive organs are already formed and it is officially a fetus. If you research it more, you’ll understand just how incredibly fast a baby develops into a life form that we recognize. The first ultrasound screenings for Down syndrome don’t occur until 15 weeks into the pregnancy. At that point in time, the baby can sense the light outside of its mother’s stomach, begins to hear sounds, and can control the muscles in its body, allowing it to move! The point of all of this is that although a baby might not look like a human at any of these points in time, it still is a human! It simply needs time to grow and change, just as babies outside of the womb need that time to develop into a fully-grown man or woman. Babies don’t look like humans when they are born, but since we are used to seeing human life in that form, we associate it with human life. As we cannot see the embryo and fetus growing with our own eyes, humans are psychologically less inclined to associate it with actual human life, despite the fact that it is! If here you are thinking of arguing the point “Well the fetus is dependent on the mother for survival”, how many babies just born do you know could survive without their parents? I for SURE don’t know any. You had also told Doug that, “her choice has no effect on your life liberty or pursuit of happiness so you have no right to infringe on hers”, but her choice DOES affect the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of the human life inside of her. The rights given to any person by the US constitution END when that person infringes on the rights of another. Therefore her choice to abort is NOT granted by the US constitution should the US government declare the zygote as a human life (which by scientific terms, it is). You also said, “if a mother decides she can not handle the child whether due to emotional issue or just plain laziness he respects her choice.” In this sentence, you basically CONDONE the killing of an innocent life because the mother is LAZY! Imagine a woman you knew had a child (let’s say that child was a year old, so it’s more similar in structure to an embryo or fetus than a fully developed human) and decided that they couldn’t emotionally handle that child or were too lazy to raise that child. Let’s say that as a result, the mother proceeded to kill that child. That would be ALL over the news as a HEINOUS MURDER and a TRAGEDY. So why is it okay when that life is inside her uterus?
      I would like to say that my entire argument here is contingent on the scientific definition of life. Should another person decide that they don’t agree with my definition of when life begins, this argument is futile. As a scientist, I was taught leave all of my prejudice behind and, only once all of the data was collected, make an informed observation about the data. I think this applies here, as you truly have to take in as many facts and opinions as possible from ALL standpoints before coming to an informed opinion on the matter. My opinions are the result of my own research into this matter. My argument has flaws when it comes to the situation where the mother’s life is in danger due to the pregnancy. I have yet to research this topic in depth and come to an informed opinion about this scenario. Overall, I believe a woman should be allowed to decide what she wants to do with her body until her choices infringe on another’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. There is much more to say about this topic, such as how abortions and the advancement of genetic engineering could shape our society (the movie GATTACA, although corny, beautifully illustrates the dangers of this), but I will leave that argument for another day.

      • Alexa,

        Thank you, so much. I read every word, although I doubt that John did. People like John don’t WANT to know the truth. They want to live in their world of denial, because for some, recognizing the truth is akin to an admission of guilt, whereas denial makes way for absolution. Having said that, for those truly seeking the truth, your explanation may have lead to the path for LIFE for their unborn child, as opposed to death by abortion.

    • Ugh. Here we go again.. the new kind of crazy. Drinking the Koolaid, are we? Your statement wreaks of crazy. Here it is: “Overall, I believe a woman should be allowed to decide what she wants to do with her body until her choices infringe on another’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”
      A Mother’s choice to abort, murder, kill her child does “infringe” on that child’s rights. You all call yourselves “ProChoice”. It sounds nice in theory, but the only person with a choice is the Mother. Let’s call her a Mother because, if she is pregnant, that is what she is.. but I know that word offends the Proabortion folks because just as you call the baby a fetus.. it is your way of denying the Truth that is flapping in the wind. The child has NO choice. They are created with a separate beating heart, soul, mind, body and dreams.. But, sadly, they’ll never get a chance to embrace Life because the Mother’s choice trumps the child’s right to breathe. Sorry.. There is so much wrong with your argument. But as was from the beginning of the abortion movement, you will deny Truth until your final breath. All I can say is if ProLifers are wrong, no harm, no foul. If ProAbortioners are wrong.. and Life is not precious and this is not murder.. the breaking of one of God’s 10 Commandments, then eternity is a LONG time to be wrong. Just sayin’.

    • If a woman doesn’t want a baby then she should not have sex. That is the way you plan parenthood. God will judge these that kill the unborn child. Only He can bring the justice they deserve.

    • John – by this rational that you said: ‘So if a mother decides she can not handle the child whether due to emotional issue or just plain laziness he respects her choice.’…then maybe you are for infanticide? taking the life of a toddler whose mother does not have enough emotional energy, money, or even concern for it?

      With our without Christianity, our Declaration of Independence says that ALL are created equal and are entitled first and foremost to LIFE, then liberty and the pursuit of happiness. the second two cannot be without the first. When you choose to deny the rights of one group of individuals in a society, you start down the slippery slope where we once were with slavery. President Obama denies the rights of a group of individuals in our society. In so doing, his moral compass is questionable on all else and not to be trusted.

  10. Outstanding.

  11. yes, please send this to him – somehow! As a mother of baby girl with DS, this means a lot to me. Of course we were “counseled” to abort our baby. I almost had to hold my husband so that the doctor wouldn’t be punched in the face. We love our sweet Olivia so much and couldn’t imagine our lives without her. She’s blessed to have 6 other siblings and we are much more blessed to have her in our lives.

  12. Thank you for this. What stunned me about the video of the President also is that he never applauded any of these outstanding people he was “praising”…it was just a script for him to read…he has no sincere respect for the lives of others especially “the least of these” as we all know ? Tim is just adorable…made me smile watching his video!

  13. Thank you for your advocacy. I hope you will be sending your letter to our president.

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