5 Things I Would Love To Do

5 Things I Would Love To Do

There are moments in my day, when my kids are quiet enough to let me think, that I completely zone out and fantasize about things that I haven’t gotten to do yet. Some of them are kinda silly, but I really want to do them. So, I figured why not write them down as a list of goals. Maybe they will happen one day. I mean, if I put it in a blog, I have to take it seriously, right? Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to mark them all off my list. Even the first one, which is a little out there.

1. Write a story line for WWE


As a life long wrestling fan, I would love to somehow be involved in a story line. I have been watching wrestling since I was about 7 years old. The first time I saw Hulk Hogan coming to the ring, I was hooked!! I think people who enjoy TV, movies, books, or any form of story telling, would like to try their hand at doing it themselves. And that’s all wrestling is. It’s story telling. Right now, the WWE has writers like you would have on any other TV show. I would LOVE to spend a couple months on one of those writing teams., just to see if I could do it. Creating a good story line for a couple of wrestlers that entertains the crowd would be pretty rad for me.

2. Build a huge Christmas town


I have built a small Halloween town before.(picture on the right) I thought it would be annoying, but it ended up being a blast and a good creative outlet. I think it would be fun to build a huge one for Christmas. The only problem is all the figurines and houses are pretty costly. But, I do enjoy shaping out a whole town from scratch. Maybe I could start with a few and let the kids get me a new building to add every year.

3. Own my own bar


I have spent many nights sitting in a bar with my friends discussing what our bar would be like. Everything from music, type of drinks, drink specials, food, and even the type of bar. I personally would want a pub with about 100 beers available. We would specialize in whiskey drinks and craft beers. I want a dive bar type atmosphere, and all the waitstaff would dress in long sleeves, suspenders, and a tie. Gourmet pizza or appetizer style foods would be served. A small stage for small bands would be nice, and I would find the perfect song to let everyone know it’s time to go home at the end of the night.

4. Man trip with my boys


I heard about a father/son duo that went to all the baseball stadiums in the US and wrote a book about it. They rated food, seats, atmosphere, fans, and talked about how great it was to do that together. I don’t have to do the same thing, or write a book about it. But, one day when my boys are adults, a road trip could be awesome. I am not sure what the theme would be. That all depends on what bonds us together. Either way, I think it would be epic.

5. Introduce Abby In Front of A Large Crowd


It would be a huge honor for me to be able to stand in front of a group of people and introduce my wife before she speaks. I have always wanted an opportunity to tell everyone what I think about Abby, and speak from the heart about how proud I am of her. I can’t think of a better way to let everyone know what kind of a woman they have standing in front of them. To tell them she is more than just a pro-life advocate. She is a wife and a mother, and a damn good one. I could go on and on, but I will save it in case I get the opportunity. I would only need to do it once, and the bigger the crowd the better.

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