Here’s To One Year of Blogging

Here’s To One Year of Blogging

Here I am, one year later, and I am still blogging. To be completely honest, this whole experience has been crazy for me. When I started, I had no idea what to expect. I had no idea what I was doing either. I probably contemplated starting a blog for over a year before I started it. Glad I did, because this has been an awesome experience. So I think for my 50th post on the one year anniversary of starting my blog, I will just write up a bullet point review for my own entertainment. Why? Because it’s my blog.

How I Got Started

One day, I just asked my wife Abby what she thought about me starting a blog. She looked and me a very sincerely said, “I think that is an awesome idea!” As it turns out, when she would go to speak at events, people would ask about me. They would ask when I was going to start sharing more about my part of our story. Also, the folks that publish Abby’s books thought it would be a good idea for Abby and I to write something together. Blogging seemed like a good way to start telling my part of the story. After talking in circles about starting a blog, Abby finally paid someone to design a site for me. All I had to do was start writing.


I am not sure what my expectations were, but I can say they have been exceeded. I think I maybe expected a small handful of people that really love my wife to jump on the dougontap train. Whenever I would get 100 views, I was pretty impressed with myself. That was until I started getting views in the 1000’s. After that, I was completely blown away that so many people were tuning in.

What It Developed Into

At first, I figured i would only be sharing stories about Abby’s time at Planned Parenthood, her conversion, and our life now from my perspective. After a few posts, I realized IT WAS MY BLOG. I mean, I could do what ever I wanted. I love beer, movies, sports, wrestling, and hunting. All topics I can write about. Also, being a stay at home dad provides tons of material for me to write about. Not to mention, there are tons of current events that I can just say anything I want about. Sharing the pro-life message is only a small part of what I do. People seem to keep coming back for the SAHD stuff and everything else too. I figure I just need to stay genuine and keep on sharing.

What Has Happened Since Starting The Blog

So many things!!

  • I have made friends with other people who like to write. I haven’t met any of them in person, but I enjoy my online community of writers. It’s something I really like about Facebook.
  • I am writing for 2 other sites. Epic Pew and The Guiding Star Project
    • Epic Pew is a fun Catholic web site that I LOVE wringing for. The goal is to become the “Buzzfeed” of Catholic online media. The group of writers we have on the site are awesome. We love patting each other on the back and sea are all super supportive of one another. I am a fan of everything we write and I love working with so many funny creative people.
    • The Guiding Star Project is a secular “New Feminism” site that my wife is heavily involved in. The funny part is that there are about 10+ writers on there and I am the only man. I think the reason I got asked to write for the site is partly because my wife works with them, and because I am not afraid to give a male perspective on issues that have been labeled “just for women.” We talk about true femininity, fertility, breast feeding, birthing, abortion, contraception, and all kinds of other topics. The experience has been pretty good. I get a lot of feedback from women that are glad to hear a man’s point of view.
  • I have been on the radio twice. Both times they were on Sirius/XM radio on the Catholic Channel. I was on The Jennifer Fulwiler show to talk about being a stay at home dad. The other time, Abby and I both were on The Catholic Guy Show with Lino Rulli. That was the first time we had ever done any type of media together, and it was a BLAST!!
  • I have been invited to speak at events. I have to respectfully decline. That’s Abby’s talent, not mine.
  • People know who I am and not just the me from Abby’s book.

Navigating Social Media

The craziest part about having a blog is trying to figure out what people want to read. Not only that, you have to come up with the perfect title, post it at the perfect time, and make sure it lines up with what’s “hot” at the time. You may think you have the greatest article in the history of articles that could change the world and and completely flops. Then, you post a ridiculous rant about baby toots and it goes viral. It’s a crazy maze.

Facebook vs Twitter

I love Facebook. Twitter, not so much. I have greatly enjoyed talking to people on Facebook. I have “met” some really fun and interesting people. It makes sitting around with kids in diapers all day a little more fun.

What’s In Store For Year 2

  • I want to start making videos. I would love to find some classes on editing and how make really fun videos. I want some to be animated, but mostly just me chatting with friends, family, and other pro-lifers about whatever crosses our mind. I think it would be fun.
  • I need to write about how I ended up married to a pro-choice Abby when i was more pro-life leaning. That will probably be my most important story, so I want to make sure I do it right.
  • I need to write more about our adoption story. Adopting just has been such an awesome experience, I can’t wait to share more about it.
  • More stay at home dad stuff and regular bragging about my kids.
  • More guest blogs. It’s nice to have friends write for you.
  • A couple of pointless random negative rants. Why not?
  • I want to talk a bout Pornography and all the ugly that comes with it. I have dealt with it on a personal level throughout my life and in my marriage. It needs to be talked about.
  • I need to start writing more about my own journey into the Catholic Church.
  • Along with the above videos, I think I am going to let our daughter talk to you guys some more. She inspires me so much, and I learn more about God and my faith through her than I do on my own.

The Good, The Bad, & The Whatever…

The hardest part about putting your thoughts and feelings out there is some people will rip them to shreds. Seriously, people are mean. The best thing to do, is put your phone and computer away. Ignore it until you aren’t as emotionally invested in your article. Once you engage hateful people in conversation, you run the risk of becoming kinda hateful yourself. Abby and I both have mastered the art of being snarky, and it works pretty good on folks that suck. Other than that, I have had an overwhelmingly positive response to everything I have written. So I am going to keep on writing until I either run out of things to say or it’s not fun anymore. Thanks for tuning in, everyone.


  1. Doug, you mentioned declining public speaking requests because that’s Abby’s thing. For what it’s worth you were great on the radio and I’d show up if you gave a talk. Maybe it is your talent. Have a great Labor Day! Dave B

    • That radio show was a blast. But then again I know Lino and I am comfortable just having a conversation with him and Abby. We’ll see. Maybe I can tag in and take over when Abby bas had her fill.

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