5 Things I LOVE About The Pro-life Movement

5 Things I LOVE About The Pro-life Movement

My last 2 blog articles along these lines felt a little negative. In fact, I felt like I had an easier time pointing out the things in the pro-life movement that disappoint me rather than things I enjoy. Maybe I have a negative attitude or tend to be too critical. Who knows? I don’t regret or take anything back that I said, but what I want to do now is talk about all the awesome things happening in the pro-life movement. As a Christian, it is so much fun watching God’s plan come to fruition through those who serve in the pro-life movement. We aren’t just saving babies. We are making friends and allies. We are changing lives of men and women everywhere. I love being pro-life. I love being a part of something that respects the lives of everyone. So for now, I’ll start with these 5 things I love about being a pro-lifer.


The “Youth Movement”

By far, one of my favorite things about showing up for pro-life events is the amount of young people. And by young people I mean kids with their parents, teens, college kids, young professionals, all the way up to young parents. (Basically 5-35ish years old.) I think these  are the most effective people in the movement. Youth are shaping the way this battle is waged. Armed with love, compassion, and understanding, young people are coming out of the woodwork to stand against abortion. They are taking their message to streets. They know how to reach the opposition in their own age groups. If you think about it, most women having abortions are in the same age bracket. I think our young people bring so much to the table. They may not have the funds to make a difference, but they might just have something better: time, new ideas, compassion, and love. So please, if you are part of the old guard, don’t stand in the way of progress. Teach, mentor, and get on board the youth movement.

Making friends from all walks of life

Ever since Abby left Planned Parenthood, we have met all different types of pro-lifers. Come to find out, pro-life people do not fit in a little box. We have met atheist, gay & lesbian, vegan, Protestant, Catholic, old, young, famous, poor, and all different ethnicities of pro-lifers. Maybe you don’t think it’s okay to stand along side some of these people because their views or lifestyles are in direct opposition with yours. I say that’s nonsense. I am proud to stand with anyone who stands to protect life. Would you like to know the result of doing that? We are able to have polite and effective discussions about our faith with people. We can intelligently debate and defend our pro-life stance without quoting scripture. We have learned the true meaning of “meeting them where they are.” Most of all, we have added to our circle of life-long friends.

Conversations with strangers in bars

This may only apply to me, but when I go out, I love to mention that my wife is a pro-life speaker when chatting with total strangers. Maybe it’s not the greatest ice-breaker with people just trying to have some fun, but oh well. If you can’t share a little truth with a beer in your hand, then when can you do it? I have had some of THE BEST conversations with strangers about abortion. Anywhere I go, I love to promote my wife. Sometimes, I meet people who are totally on board with what Abby does. Sometimes, people just give me a dirty look and walk away. But…the best is when a pro-choice person decides to engage me in a conversation. What they don’t know is that I have a distinct advantage. I know Planned Parenthood’s mission and malarkey better than they do. I was talking to one gal who just started spouting off the typical PP jargon. I countered every one of her points. I explained to her that Planned Parenthood is very good a making something as horrible as abortion sound very nice. She had been distracted from the truth with pretty phrases like reproductive choice, low cost women’s health care, and safe & legal abortion. It did not take long to peel back the layers of the Planned Parenthood onion. She eventually conceded the point, and told me that I obviously knew more. Then she bought me a drink, said she had some thinking to do, and walked away. Score: 1 for the pro-life guy.

Destroying the stereo types

“All pro-lifers are just old rich men.”
“Women that are pro-life are just slaves to their husbands and are breeders.”
“75% of pro-lifers are men. 100% of them will never have an unplanned pregnancy.”
“All they do is stand out there and yell at these poor women.”

I have heard so many of these types of statements. It gets old, because I think we have managed to rise above these stereotypes. I am not saying there aren’t people out there who still fit them. I am saying that there is a new model for a better pro-lifer, and they are rapidly taking over. Although I am a man, I am constantly surrounded by young, smart, women who believe in standing up for the mother and the baby. Women who know a a better way to protect their “reproductive rights”. Oh, and did you read that part where I mentiond a youth movement? Abby’s leaving Planned Parenthood was easier because of the young, respectful, prayerful, loving, peaceful men and women that stood in front of her clinic. Not because of the graphic signs, yelling, death threats, condemnation, people chaining themselves to doors, old guys with bad info, harassment, or any other old-school tactics that just don’t work anymore.

Science and Technology are on our side

For me, the pro-life side of the abortion debate can be won without ever cracking open a Bible. We have the technology and the ability to see what is going on during the life cycle of a child in the womb. You can say clump of cells or fetus all you want. They both mean baby to me. Everything I see on an ultrasound or those super cool pics from inside the womb confirm that there is LIFE at every stage. Why do you think Planned Parenthood has moved away from the “when does life begin” argument? They can’t win it. Now they have switched to make it 100% about the woman. “It’s a parenting decision,” according to them. Some pro-choicers have even gone so far as to say the baby/fetus is a parasite feeding on the mother. Parasite?!?!?!? This is how life happens. This is how we all got here. Let’s all just embrace the science and biology of the situation and start protecting life in all its stages.

Here is just a small example of technology working for the pro-life side. Click the pic!!

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  1. On #1
    Regarding youth, I would say we also have the youngest old people on the block/planet.

  2. “And by young people I mean kids with their parents. . . . (Basically 5-35ish years old.)”

    Two days after the 2015 March for Life, Jill Stanek went to Austin for a pro-life conference, and anonymously attended a pro-choice event that happened to be going on at the same time. She wrote it up here:


    One of her observations: “I also noted only two children in attendance – but lots and lots of pet dogs – pretty much the opposite of what you’d see at a pro-life event.”

    • They are aborting their support.

      • There is actually a name for “aborting their support” — it’s “the Roe Effect.” Somebody wrote it up in the Wall Street Journal:


        He did not find it to be a very strong effect. But he was looking for an effect that would be of significance in elections participated in by the US population at large. If we look just at the pro-choice activist population, such as those who would have attended the event Jill Stanek witnessed, the effect might be stronger. Thus the population of the most active pro-choicers might be decreasing.

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