6 Things You Should Know About Picky Eaters

6 Things You Should Know About Picky Eaters

It is high time for picky eaters to unite. We’ve been given a bad rap for far too long. Picky eaters are among the world’s most misunderstood people. We are good people. We have feelings, and it’s time for people to respect our nutritional and dietary choices. If you only knew what it can be like for those of us with food sensitivities to break bread with others and eat certain foods… It’s like forcing someone who hates roller coaster to go to Disney World. It’s like forcing a straight man to watch Sex In The City. It’s like forcing a child with sensory issues to go to a KISS concert. Just think about what you are asking us to do. You want to force us to take something we think is gross and put it in our mouth. That’s pretty rude in my eyes.
I think there are several things people with less sensitive taste buds need to understand. I don’t have time to discuss them all at length, but I’ll start with with these.

WARNING: I have a large family that I have to feed. I am also the primary cook in my home. I do not make special meals, but I also don’t force my kids eat something that will cause them emotional distress. Please don’t worry about the rules in my house. This is written somewhat tongue in  cheek. If this upsets you, then you have bigger problems and you need to relax. 

We are not spoiled brats!


Being a picky eater is not a reflection of anything else we do in this world. Not even a little bit. It doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate gifts, don’t have a good work ethic, or even that we aren’t polite.  I get so tired of people acting like you have to force certain foods on your kids in order for them to grow up and be productive human beings. I understand insisting that a child at least try different things, but not repeatedly if they absolutely hate it. Let them fill up on a side or water. My mom didn’t make me eat anything I didn’t want. Why? Because her parents made her eat all kinds of food that she didn’t like. She couldn’t wait to move out so she could stop eating eggs. What on earth did forcing her to eat eggs teach her? Nothing. She would have been the same person either way.
Why do people act like, if you aren’t willing to eat certain foods, that you are a brat? It’s not true. Spoiled people are just spoiled people and picky eaters are just picky eaters. They don’t automatically go hand in hand.

Don’t take it personally!!


I am sure you are a fantastic cook. I am also sure that people who like what ever dish you just made will like it no matter who cooked it. If I say I don’t like deviled eggs, that doesn’t mean I don’t like YOUR deviled eggs. I don’t like ALL deviled eggs. You should also know that if you feel bad because we don’t like whatever you cooked, we feel 1,000 times worse. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but we also don’t want to end up gagging in front of everyone. That can be a little embarrassing. Please try to understand it’s not personal. It’s just food.

We will try new foods when we are ready.


Personally, I don’t mind retrying things that I have hated in the past or even something new.  However, I have to be in precisely the right mood, I need something to wash it down with, and I need to feel that I am in a safe place.

We would survive just fine if there were less choices.


It’s kind of ridiculous when people ask, “What are you going to do when there is some sort of crazy food shortage or you have to survive in the wild?” Give me a break. Not liking certain foods is not going to be the death of me. If there is nothing else to eat, and there won’t be for a while, I’ll eat whatever is there.

Your version of what ever we don’t like is no better than anyone else’s.


“Well, you just haven’t tried MY tuna fish casserole.”
MY mashed potatoes are delicious. You’ll like MINE.”
“You just haven’t had it cooked right. You need to try MY lasagna.”
If you are a picky eater, you have heard these types of comments 100 times over. My picky eating has nothing to do with your cooking. It might be a texture thing. It might be a smell thing. Who knows why I don’t like Quiche, or mashed potatoes, or okra, or whatever… I just don’t. No matter who cooked it. Please, just let us be. Please don’t force us to eat another version of macaroni al-la gross.

Eating with stranger’s/ new friends/ different culture’s…


Want to give a picky eater a panic attack? Invite them over for dinner. Take them to a new restaurant. Plan a trip to a foreign country. We will survive, but it will be tough.


Lunch Lady: Have some more sloppy joes. I made ’em extra sloppy for yous. I know how yous kids like ’em sloppy.
Billy Madison: Lady, you’re scaring us.

Billy Madison (1995)

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  1. I complained about our mealtime struggles to a friend with a 6-year-old daughter, and she said, “I know what you mean! Last night Ava said she wanted noodles for dinner, so I made noodles, and she didn’t touch them. Then she said she wanted edamame, so I made

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