My Interview With Jennifer Fulwiler

My Interview With Jennifer Fulwiler

Here is the podcast version of my interview on The Jennifer Fulwiler show today. This was my first time doing any kind of radio show or anything even remotely like this. Of course, my wife Abby, is an old pro at this. She told me I did pretty good and didn’t embarrass myself too bad. So if she says I did well, I’ll take that to the bank.

I had a great time, and really enjoyed the opportunity to talk about our family. Honestly, when asked how we make our family work, I wish I had some deep poetic answer that could change the world. The truth is I have no idea how we make it work. So please have a listen and maybe I accidentally gave some good advice in there. If not, I hope you at least find it a little entertaining. If you guy have any sort of questions or comments after listening, I would absolutely love to hear them. Just put them down in the comments, and I can almost guarantee I will get to them.
Also, click here for some BONUS MATERIAL from after the show.




  1. You should write a book my friend. You and Abby inspire us all. Love truly cannot be contained when God is at the heart of the matter. Children are the legacy we leave behind. The opportunity to show Gods love for us through their sweet lives. You and Abby do that! Thanks for reminding us of unexpected blessings that God places in our lives at just the right time. His timing is always perfect.

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