Another 5 Things I Don’t Understand In The Pro-Life Movement

Another 5 Things I Don’t Understand In The Pro-Life Movement

This is my second time talking about some of little quirks I have noticed in the pro-life movement. Before you read this, understand that I am not trying to insult anyone or start any fights. I am just giving my honest take on things I have seen in the pro-life movement. We love being apart of this movement. It is an honor to stand for all life. However, maybe there are some folks that need to put aside their anger. I am hoping that this can be a good conversation starter. These are in no particular order and I would gladly invite some friendly debate and reasonable explanations. I am open to any good arguments on why I should or should not see these things as a negative. Maybe some of you have never noticed some of these things, or maybe you are the text book definition of what I am saying. Either way, lets talk about it and make this movement stronger. Maybe change with the times a little. (The truth about abortion will never change, but the method of delivery can.) 

Pro-lifers that only want to stand with “Christian” Pro-lifers.

Seriously, what is the deal? For this one, I’ll just quote my illustrious wife:

“All of this fighting about having to be a certain type of pro lifer has got to end. If you are a pro-lifer, period…
If you are a person who has the radical belief that unborn babies and all human beings deserve protection…
Then I am going to link arms with you.”
-Abby Johnson, ATTWN

Pro-lifers who are ok with rape and incest exceptions.

Soooooooo, are you pro-life or not? All life matters if you are. Would you support legislation that say it’s ok to abort a child if the mother is on welfare? If a woman walking into the abortion clinic turns to you and says, “Back off, I was raped,” are you going to fight any less to save that child? We need stronger legislation, but it shouldn’t matter how a child was conceived. Don’t devalue one life to save another. We should fight for ALL human life.

Getting Arrested

I do not get this at all. Not even a little bit. My mind is blown by the idea that people think this is an effective way save babies, change peoples’ views on abortion, and get good laws passed. If you tell me it’s about awareness, I still don’t see the point. Abortion is already a pretty hot topic. If anything, I see getting arrested as an act of desperation. Maybe you just want to impress your pro-life friends or you need a publicity stunt to make yourself seem more relevant. I have actually heard people get upset that they weren’t arrested when they were trying to cause “trouble.” I just don’t think this generation identifies with this type of protest anymore. Maybe if you are getting arrested unjustly, that could matter. But if you are purposely breaking the law, what good does that do? Not to mention, if you do manage to get arrested, you have to pay a government that is keeping abortion legal even more money in fines. Now your reputation is suspect, you have less money to provide for your family or pro-life organization, and Obama still doesn’t know or care who you are.
Maybe this worked well back in the day for the “protest generation.” However, I think times have changed and getting arrested just doesn’t reach people like it used to.
Please, if you have a good explanation for why this is done, I NEED to hear it. Don’t come at me all angry and tell me I am not pro-life enough. I don’t think getting arrested is a calling. I don’t think I need to pray about it more. I am just giving my opinion and asking for help understanding. If there are no good reasons, can we please just stop?

People that don’t care about the well-being of the mother.

Again, are you pro-life or not? Do you care about the life of the parents, or is the baby being born all that matters to you? Women get hurt and some die in abortion clinics all the time. I don’t understand people who say, “Well that’s what she gets for killing her baby and I don’t feel bad for her.” If that is your mentality, then I think maybe you are in need of some heeling yourself. Your heart should be open to saving both the mother and the baby. I mean, if not, then why are we here? Don’t let your anger and frustration cause you to do something harmful to this movement. Don’t let your anger stop you from helping these women heal from their abortions. Love them both.

Low quality T-shirts and bad designs.

I have said it a million times, and I’ll say it again, this movement is getting younger and younger. And what do young people want? Cool t-shirts, with cool designs printed on comfortable material that fits well. One of the best tools we have in the pro-life movement is T-shirts. They are a way to promote our ministries and make great conversation starters. When Abby decides she needs some new shirts made, she makes sure it is something she would want to wear anytime anywhere. She considers them her billboard. It’s time to get away from the boring logos. And can we please stop using GILDAN shirts? Let’s step it up.


  1. What I find telling is that pro-lifers don’t ever talk about deliberate (unnecessary) mercury pollution and resultant miscarriages, I guess because miscarriages are acts of God.

    • I think they do more than you think, but it comes off more as conspiracy theory. People don’t like to sound crazy. Not saying you’re crazy, but just that it’s not at the top of most people’s radar.

  2. I am a graphic designer, a screen printer, an artist, a father and a Pro-Lifer

    • There should be work for you then. It’s needed.

      • I think the issue is that the people who are decision makers in churches and other large pro-life organizations don’t see the value in good graphics. They just don’t understand that mentality. We need good graphic tees and good websites today for the same reason that we need the Sistine Chapel. Beauty reflects God. Beauty shows us what is good.

  3. Legislation in the works that has exceptions is at least a step in the right direction. Educating the public and changing hearts needs baby steps .it is becoming more obvious that abortion after 20 weeks is torture to the baby. Let the awareness continue to broaden!

    As for tshirts, I totally agre!

  4. Yeah, the mother one drives me crazy too. On the upside, I’ve witnessed pro-lifers educate others about it, so I feel like that one might finally be passing away, or at least becoming less common.

    And yes to the T shirt one too.

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