10 Movies Every Pro-Lifer Should See

10 Movies Every Pro-Lifer Should See

There are tons of movies out there that deal in some way with abortion. For me, it doesn’t matter if a movie weighs heavily in either direction. I am more interested in a good movie that makes me think. One I can walk away from challenged or inspired to really consider all of the circumstances involving the issue. I am always interested in movies that involve abortion, adoption, unplanned pregnancy, teen pregnancy, fertility, abuse, incest, and any other life issues. Some are highly entertaining, and some are hard to watch. Either way, I enjoy the opportunity to apply my pro-life values in different situations. You never know when life and art will come together.

So, here are a few I think everyone should see.


awayAway We Go
R (language and some sexual matters)

I am starting with my favorite movie on the list. This isn’t really a pro-life movie per say, but I think so of you would get a real kick out of this film. A young couple gets pregnant and decides to relocate. After that they visit several potential places to move to, and we get to see several different types of families. Abortion is never  considered, but there is a scene that involves a family that fosters and adopts children while struggling with infertility. Powerful stuff if you get to watch it. I highly recommend this film based on entertainment value. It’s pretty funny, with some drama sprinkled in. I feel I must warn you about a very awkward sex scene in the beginning. NO NUDITY, just uncomfortable for the more modest viewer. But once you’re past that, it’s smooth sailing.


PG-13 (action violence, language)

This movie is a C+ sci-fi film that stars Hayden Christensen. Sure he’s a bad actor, but oh well. I like it anyway. I think pro-lifers should watch it because it involves a mother that chooses life, and not under your typical circumstances. 

I wont say anything else in case you want to see it.



wallsIf These Walls Could Talk
R (Language, Violence)

Abby and I watched this while she was still working at Planned Parenthood. we liked it because it gave four very real scenarios involving “Choice.” This movie obviously leans more to the abortion supporter, but that doesn’t mean pro-lifers couldn’t gain some insight about the abortion minded person. Pay attention to the the last scene. The situation involves angry, violent, pro-lifers. I want you to see this part more than any other. I think it is important to know how the many on other side see pro-lifers to this very day.



ciderCider House Rules
PG-13 (nudity, substance abuse and some violence)

Another movie Abby and I have seen while she was at PP.  It’s a great movie for the most part. Sure it seems to more support abortion, but it’s still a realistic story. There are a lot of “what would you do” type situations. A good opportunity review your own values.



giverThe Giver

This movie is a no brainer for a pro-life movie list. I won’t say anything here because the movie is too new. Just go watch it and try to understand what happens when people are lied to.





menChildren of Men
R (for strong violence, language, some drug use and brief nudity)

For some reason, everyone on earth has become sterile and there are no more babies. The entire world is in chaos and a complete war zone. Clive Owen is then asked to secretly get a young lady that is the first person to be pregnant in over 20 years to safety. Action packed and an awesome flick. Need I say more?



fatherFather of The Bride Part 2

I know you have seen this a couple dozen times already, but why not watch it again? It’s hilarious. A couple in their 50’s becomes pregnant right as their daughter gets pregnant with their first grandchild?!?!? Comedy gold. Steve Martin in one of his best roles, and never once is abortion considered even though the mother is at a “risky age.”




months4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days

Here we have a foreign film that is extremely hard to watch. I mean, it’s rough. But I think it’s important to know what is going on in other countries. Even though abortion is illegal in this situation, The primary characters still find a way to get access to abortion. Desperation will make us do crazy things. How are we prepared to deal with the new injustices that will arise once Roe vs. Wade is over turned?




R (for child abuse including sexual assault, and pervasive language)

Probably the hardest movie on the list to watch. This movie hits on so many different issues, it will make your head spin. When you see the abuse in this movie, it’s almost easy to understand why people support abortion. A high school girl living with her abusive mother is pregnant with her second child. Both of her children are fathered by her dad. They live off of government programs and life is just not good for this young lady. It’s worth a watch.


godfatherThe God Father Part II
R (adult situations/language, violence)

Everyone should watch see this because it is the greatest movie of all time. What needs to be noted here is the absolute irony that he would reject his wife for aborting his baby considering he is a ruthless murderer himself. His complete lack of respect for life is only reflected in her fear of having another child that could follow in his footsteps. Why should she respect the life of his child when he is out killing people left and right? Amazing movie beginning to end.



Happy movie watching folks!!! Let me know what you think.



  1. Ever seen Gattaca? B list sci fi film, deals with, well, an insane amount of issues while managing not to be preachy or obvious. Has Uma Thurman and Jude Law in it, and they both do a fantastic job.

  2. Oh and another Pro Life movie. Knocked-up.

    • Love Knocked-Up. I figured it was time for some different movies though. I almost used that “Rhymes with shmish-shmortion” quote at the end of the post.
      October Baby was nice. A little better than your typical Christian film. But, I will say the back story on the woman that played the birth mother is pretty cool. Try to look it up.

  3. October Baby was good too. Obvious Pro-Life movie.

  4. I think a non obvious prolife (ok, anti rape exception) movie is Defiance, with Daniel Craig. War movie with some revenge killings in the beginning, but there is a scene towards the end that blew me away with it’s prolife message. I’m not sure anyone else caught it (I had to point it out to those who watched it with me) but it screamed pro life, no exceptions to me.

  5. Thank you for this! I would also add Gimme Shelter!

    • That would be too easy. I avoided the obvious movies that were made for pro-lifers. And… that movie was ok. A+ story with C- acting. I’m not saying it was phoned in, but maybe the director could have pulled a little more from the actors. I think it’s time for Christian Cinema to raise the bar. Like, waaaayyyyy higher.

      • True that. Thanks for the reply, I was wondering what your thoughts would be!

        P.S I love your blog! Thank you for all of the awesome work that you and your wife do!

  6. Wait . . . you have a picture of Juno but it didn’t even make the list?

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