Top 10 Things I Can’t Seem To Find. (Parent Problems)

Top 10 Things I Can’t Seem To Find. (Parent Problems)

The more kids we have the more time we spend looking for things. I think be the time we are done, it is safe to say that all will be lost. (as far as material goods are concerned)

10. The Floor

Toys, toys, everywhere…


9. My Wallet

I have finally learned to put it on a nice high shelf. Lucky for me, they have graduated to raiding Abby’s purse.

8. My Wedding Ring & Watches

I have no idea if they were flushed, or if they were put in the diaper genie, or maybe they are just mixed in with the toys. Either way, I haven’t seen them in a couple months. Can you let me know if you find them please?

7. The Last Piece of The Puzzle

I think they are visiting the socks that disappeared


6. Pacifiers

When I take them away, they seem to find 5 of them in random places. But when there is a major fit being thrown…not a one in sight.

5. Sippy Cups

When I do find them, they have 10 day old fermented juice or yogurt that used to be milk in them. Yummy!!

4. Car Keys

One of these days I will learn my lesson and put them in the highest place possible… dangling from a string…with alarms that are set off by lasers.

3. Baby Wipes

It never fails. I get a diaper all opened up to find a big ole poop, and I can’t find the wipes. I either left them in another room, the kids hid them, or we ran out and I thought we had more. Sorry, son. That’s going back on till I can find the wipes or a piece of clothing I don’t care about.

2. Matching Shoes

It’s either all lefts or all rights, am I right?

1. TIME 

Time for what? Cooking, cleaning, movies, video games, reading a book, showers, sex, alone time with spouse, alone time alone, sleep, writing, thinking, exercise…



In all honesty, it may seem like we don’t have time for the little things, but we make it happen anyway. The little things are what make us such a happy family. Here we are with 5 kids. 8, 2 ½, 1 ½, 7 months, and our newly adopted 2 week old. That’s 1 kid in school, 4 kids in diapers (hopefully 3 pretty soon), 2 kids on the bottle, and 7 people to get ready for church on Sundays… and we couldn’t be happier. If God has given us anything, he has given us a job. He has given Abby and I this family to raise. Thankfully we said yes, even if we can’t seem to find anything.

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  1. Great post. As a father of 3, I laughed as I related with you on each item. I would add #11: Sanity. The chaos that comes from a house with young kids sometimes makes it tough to keep a firm grasp on reality. But like you, I wouldn’t have it any other way. One of my coworkers recently asked how I could be so successful in a time demanding field with 3 kids at home and said something along the lines of how tough it must be for me. My response: “Is it tough? Yes. But I don’t see how I could have done it differently nor would I want to. Each of my kids in their uniqueness has brought so much to my life that I don’t think I would have been able to deal with the long hours at work without having my kids and their mother to go home to each night.”

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