My Thoughts On Abby’s Post

My Thoughts On Abby’s Post

If you haven’t seen or read the original post…

baby“I had a miscarriage on Palm Sunday last year. We think he was a boy and named him David Raphael. My only prayer when the doctor told me at 11 weeks that my baby had died a month earlier (at 7 weeks gestation), was that I would have something to bury. The doctor said he would either be too small to find or that his fragile body would be crushed in the miscarriage process and there wouldn’t be anything left. On Palm Sunday afternoon he came out. The entire sac was in tact and there he was still floating in the amniotic water. I took a picture so I wouldn’t forget that moment and how God answered my prayer. I think it would be an amazing photo to show people contemplating abortion. Even though he was only 7 weeks when he died, you can see his little arms and legs forming. My 4 year old was looking through my phone when I wasn’t looking one day and found the picture. He came up to me with it and asked me whose baby it was. Even a child can tell that at 7 weeks, the fetus is a little person.”

First, I want to say thank you to the family of this baby for allowing Abby to be the one to share her story. This has been a huge honor. I was only able to read a handful of comments, because it is impossible to keep up with over 60K comments. After everything I read, I wanted to make a few comments and points of my own.

  1. This post obviously matters. To get over 170K shares is very telling. Pro-life and Pro-choice supporters came out of the wood works to share their thoughts on this. Maybe it reaffirmed what you already believe. Maybe it changed your mind or got you thinking. Or maybe it made you terribly uncomfortable and angered you. Good or bad, right or wrong, it got people talking. That’s amazing. It blows my mind that social media can be used for such good.
  2. As a pro-life person, I am not even remotely uncomfortable, offended, or “grossed out” looking at a picture like this. All I see is a beautiful life that died naturally and with dignity. I think this happened so that the dignity of life can be shown at all stages and that life is not ours to take. How cool is it that this baby was able to give this kind of testimony? I have nothing but respect for the mother for sharing.
  3. When Abby still worked at Planned Parenthood, if I had seen this as a pro-choice leaning person, I would have been terribly uncomfortable. This picture flies right in the face of the whole “clump of cells” argument. I see a human body living and developing. I would have had a knot in my stomach knowing that my wife was going to work and seeing the same thing, but torn apart. Not only torn apart, but she has to piece them back together. She never saw a baby like this before. With his/her dignity still in tact. Or a baby that wasn’t torn apart and killed in the name of choice. All she ever saw were parts that make up a whole. There was no life there, nor was there ever supposed to be. That can’t be taken into account. Not if you have to show up for work every Saturday and piece together dozens of torn apart babies. So, if you are offended by the sight of this baby that died naturally, then why aren’t you offended by the mere thought of a fellow human being that has to piece together tiny humans that were given no value or voice?

So, my questions to you liberal abortion supporting guy or gal are…
Do you think pornography is ok but this picture should be censored? Do you think masturbation is just good clean healthy fun, but this picture is gross? Do you think abortion is a noble industry and this picture is immoral? Is it right to remain silent while young people act out promiscuously yet tell someone it’s not ok to share this story? What is it that we want to support? How is that decided and measured?

I think this picture and story are amazing. For me it reaffirms that our fight in the Pro-Life movement is right. I think it is something everyone should see.

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