Not Just Another Pro-Life Face: With Guest Writer, Albany Rose
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Not Just Another Pro-Life Face: With Guest Writer, Albany Rose


When you imagine someone standing up and speaking out against abortion, what comes to mind? Who comes to mind? Perhaps a priest praying in front of an abortion clinic. Perhaps you think of a lovely and modestly dressed woman, with clean skin, bare of body modifications and “normal” hair. When you equate this persons views in religion, do you think Christian? Perhaps the only question you’d be uncertain of is if they’re Catholic or Protestant. Either way, I imagine you picture them praying to God, asking for him to put an end to abortion.

In the 3 years I’ve been pro-life as well as open about being post-abortive, I really thought I understood division. I thought that I knew what it felt like to be judged and looked at differently because of something in my life that was not acceptable…my abortion. I believed I had felt the hurt that comes from within the community we call pro-life. A place of love, acceptance, and patience. Over the last 3 years I realized how twisted those words were. How separate so many in this movement are when it comes to interacting and talking about women who have aborted, whether they became pro-life or not. I thought that was the greatest extent of dismissal I would see. Then I became an atheist.

My healing from abortion came through my being vocal of it. Talking to the camera for all to see and creating a public Facebook page. I found myself breathing easier the more people asked me to tell my story and speak for them, no matter if it was to a stranger seeking advice, or a group asking me to share my story. I found peace in knowing many wanted to hear my experience. Then I became an atheist.

A question I’ve asked myself many times in these last 6 months after my “deconversion” is, how many people wanted to hear me speak, not for my words, but for my belief in a god. Their god, to be exact. Now you may think that sounds silly. I mean, we’re pro-life, we work together despite differences to put an end to abortion as we know it. To create a world where it is unthinkable. But there is a side to this movement we have yet to bring into the light. A side that is larger than we’d like to admit. The side that shuts out those of us who do not hold faith in a deity. 

I did not have the ability to travel and tell my story, but I had enough to go to smaller events and places and share. There were some issues back then because of my acceptance of homosexuality, where people would think that because I thought gay marriage was okay I would begin saying, “gay sex is okay” in the middle of my abortion testimony in their church (and yes, I am very serious). That somehow this one difference in belief meant my regret wasn’t good enough. Now, as an atheist on top of it all, the want for me to speak outside of YouTube and my public page online has become null. It has dwindled to nothing. The thought of having a nonbeliever share their regret is just too much.

But truly, what does that tell us? What kind of message is that sending? Have an abortion testimony or even pro-life speech that may help some man, woman, or child, but are an atheist? Well, you’re not enough. It is telling the thousands of pro-life secularists that we don’t measure up to the stories of pro-choice to pro-life conversions and abortion regrets that those who hold this faith. I truly thought I understood what it was like to be pushed aside simply by being post-abortive, but not even that compares to the divide that has been created simply by being an atheist.

However, and I do feel it is appropriate to end this on a “however,” a light should always be shown on those within our movement that prove there is more than judgment or condemnation. It should always be addressed that while many may dismiss someone as a whole for holding other views, there will always be those who rise above the rest. If I could make a list and give the spotlight to each and every person who has shown love that we desperately need, I would. While the frustration and sometimes anger are there from being turned down do to my lack of faith, nothing lifts me up more than those who  live their faith through their actions of love, acceptance, and community.

 “Pitty a man in familiar places who yet feels like a stranger.
Peter Griffin on The Family Guy

Albany, her husband Royce, and their 3 beautiful children live in Northern Colorado. Albany is a stay at home mom, has a flair for the creative, and has an unending supply of hair dye to prove it. Her husband Royce is an aspiring musician that works full time in the oil industry. Abby and I met Albany through Facebook, and we have enjoyed her friendship for several years now. We have watched her go from staunch abortion supporter to full blown pro-lifer, start a family, and encourage nontraditional pro-lifers to become vocal in the pro-life movement. We love having Albany as a friend, not just because she’s a cool chick, but because she has a unique perspective that is unlike our own. Like everyone else in the Pro-life movement, Albany’s story is not finished being told. We are proud to stand by her in our unified effort to end abortion. 

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  1. Thanks for being transparent.

  2. I’m so glad you’re speaking out!! Oh, firstly I envy your hair. I love it LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. My job won’t let me do that, so I’ll just gaze on your beautiful hair.

    Ok seriously now. I’m a Christian, but before I was, I was Wiccan. Big time. There was a small band of us who were pro-life, but we felt we had no voice because in our own circle many were pro choice and didn’t want to hear anything to the contrary, in the pro-life community we weren’t seen as allies, we were seen as demonic, evil, disgusting people who needed to go away or get screamed at to repent and be saved. Turns out I didn’t need to be screamed at to be saved…heh, funny how that works, huh?

    We need more. We need our allies who are not Christian, not hetero, not white, not wealthy to start coming out of the woodwork. Thank you for raising your voice!

  3. I’m thrilled that there are non-Christian prolifers out there! Hopefully this will help convince people that sometimes something is just wrong, no matter what your religious convictions are.

  4. Dear Albany
    I’m so glad to see you fight for life, you are a pro lifer, independently if you are atheist,
    Your testimony reminds me of a priest I met who used to say
    ” defending the life of a child is not a matter of religion, it’s a matter of human dignity, we were given the right to live and all human lives have this right to live, no one can choose to kill their children through abortion and tell the others that they have the right to choose, it isn’t choosing, this is called ‘ killing’ and ‘ killing someone who can’t defend him-herlsef from what is being done to him-her’. That’s what being against abortion isn’t matter of religion, it’s a matter of being human”

    I’m Catholic and I can say I feel so happy to see your testimony and I do believe there are many other atheists who are pro lifers 🙂

    Where can I find your videos telling your testimony?


  5. Thank you for sharing your story here. I got a chance to hear you speak at the March for Life’s Pro-Life Allies gathering, but it is good to learn more here. I am so sorry that you been cruelly treated, both because of your past abortion experience and your personal beliefs. That is truly unworthy of the cause we all stand for of defending life. Please keep up the good work: as a pro-lifer, I would be honored to work with you!

  6. Dear Albany – It saddens me to hear this, but I can’t say I’m surprised. It makes me happy to hear that pro-life secularists exist and are growing because I truly believe that abortion can be proven as wrong and harmful to women without involving God at all, and I find pro-life secularists are vital to making logical arguments like this because the default position doesn’t involve quoting Bible verses back and forth or calling on a higher power to prove a nebulous point. I’m a pro-life Catholic convert (from pro-choice and Protestant), and I have to say that I haven’t gotten at all involved in the pro-life movement because I find the people are very often off-putting, abrasive, and I don’t relate to them or their stations in life (I have no kids, for example). I commend you for continuing to speak out against abortion, even though the pro-life movement has shunned you. You’ve given me pause, and you’re very courageous.

  7. Dear Albany: On behalf of those who should have apologized for mistreating, disrespecting you, I apologize!

    I too saw a divide where there should have been unity. 25 yrs ago I lived in the Northeast, writing pro-life letters to our very liberal daily news. I was contacted out of the blue and invited to join a new pro-life group. Not surprisingly it was predominantly Catholic (the state had 60% nominal Catholics). To my joyful surprise, one of the first orders of business was to contact statewide leaders of the nondenominational, evangelical community. Our group became a true coalition of Christian pro-lifers. We even brought together the elephant and the donkey!

    Then at a meeting, one of our members–a published author, Catholic, who worked and advocated for unwed teen moms–suggested we contact the Mormons. She also made a case for atheists. Another member became apoplectic and tried hard to dissuade us. A split would have occurred and the topic was tabled.

    The irony is that one look at the opposition should have been instructive. When numbers needed to be assembled at the statehouse, the opposition seemed to pull in their supporters and those who didn’t necessarily support them. Why? Because my issue is abortion rights; yours is legalizing leisure drugs. We may not agree, but you show up at my rally and I’ll show up at yours. My issue is anti-capitalism; yours is pro-environment. See you at the anti-war rally.

    Not pro-lifers. We march in lockstep and if you don’t look-talk-act-worship like me in the non-pro-life arena, I won’t let you join my parade.

    In the meantime, the opposition grows richer, bolder. And we who have the Truth, who know He who is Love, we shrink in charity and the numbers of aborted babies remain appalling.

    God grant us His mercy, though we surely deserve His justice!

  8. Good for you, Albany! I’m a pro-life Catholic, and I greatly appreciate hearing the voices of others in this movement whose religious beliefs are different from my own. I wish more so-called “non-traditional” pro-lifers such as yourself would make their voices heard, but as you’ve said many have probably been silenced, and that’s a tragedy. Keep making your voice heard and fighting the good fight! 🙂

  9. Thank you, Albany. I need to hear this! In my experience, a pro-life coalition among atheists and people of religious faith has sprung up naturally in dealing with end-of-life issues. Here’s hopin’ that the good will and good sense on that end of the spectrum will keep spreading to the broader pro-life movement.

  10. Whoop whoop!! Good for her. 🙂 And God bless her for her courage.

    • I mean that sincerely, as a compliment, btw. I’ve had atheist friends look at me funny when I tell them that, so I just wanted to clarify.

      • Thank you, Gianna. I know it is said with love and that’s what matters. 🙂

      • See i would help you, but you had to tell me the title of your abortion essay, I’m glad you care about gbaoll warming, but now that I know your stance on abortion title it should be “We’re F***** “because if the world keeps out plugging ppl like you, we’re bound to go into an ice age soon. la la la la la close minded chick

  11. What a beautiful mind! I appreciate very much her insight and perspective. As Doug said, her story is unfinished and more will be coming as she impacts the culture from where she is now and wherever she is later!

  12. Thanks. I hope this registers on the minds of those individuals who need it to register.

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