JJ Watt Is My MVP

JJ Watt Is My MVP

jjI just finished up watching the NFL Honors Awards and I am a little bummed out. As a huge Houston Texans fan and an even bigger JJ Watt fan, I really wanted to see JJ get the MVP award this year. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for Aaron Rogers. He had a great season, but for me, being a true MVP is more than play on the field.

Let’s forget JJ Watt’s stats for a moment. Let’s forget that he is the first defensive player in a long time to have a touchdown on offense and a touchdown from a fumble and a touchdown from an interception. I won’t mention that. I also won’t talk about his 20.5 sacks or his 10 blocked passes. The fact that he is the only reason the Texans won as many games that they did will not be mentioned at this moment. Who knows what would have happened if he lined up and kicked a field goal or threw a TD pass? Maybe then they would have given the man the award. All that and becoming the highest paid defensive player in the league are of no relevance here.

FUN FACT: When he signed his big contract he had to google what rich people spend their money on. That’s pretty funny.

What matters most to me is everything JJ does off the field. This is a guy I can point out to my sons as a good role model. There are endless stories and articles about how kind and charitable he is. He may not have been born and raised in Texas, but he fits right in with his Texas sized heart.

In a time when sports news revolves around hitting women, PED’s, drugs, rape charges, cheating, drunk driving… it is a breath of fresh air to have a guy like JJ in the league. I know a lot of other players are charitable and are doing good things in their communities. But for some reason, JJ is special to us Texans. He seems to be a personal relationship kind of guy. If he helps someone, it involves a face to face meeting and he continues a relationship with that person. The guy is rich, single, and a superstar but he is spending his spare time helping others. Not making an ass out of himself like Johnny Manziel or Ben Roethlesberger.

One of the things I love most about him is that he has never come out and said he is a Christian that I know of. But he provides such a Christ like example, I don’t feel like he needs to. His actions speak louder than words. So instead of me droning on about the guy, I am going to post some videos and encourage you to google him. You won’t regret it.


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