Warning!! Jesse Ventura Is Running For President, & He Is A ProChoice Dumb Dumb.

Warning!! Jesse Ventura Is Running For President, & He Is A ProChoice Dumb Dumb.



As a life long wrestling fanatic, I couldn’t help but respond to a Youtube video made by Jesse Ventura. It seems fitting that he played the heel/bad guy as a wrestler and as an announcer for so many years, because he is still playing the heel as a politician. There are very smart, and very nice people who are pro-choice in this world. Some can argue very intelligently why abortion should be legal. Jesse Ventura is just not one of those people. Let’s go ahead and watch the video, then I will give my over all impression. Plus, I want to pick on a few things he said that kinda steamed my beans.



I assumed from the title of the video and the questions he is asked that Jesse wold discuss “Personhood.” He didn’t talk about Personhood at all. All Jesse does is give the same old argument we have heard from pro-choice politicians and supporters for decades. This guy is  just reading from the Planned Parenthood talking points…and it’s not even the updated version. He didn’t say anything original or convincing in support of abortion.

Government control seems to be Jesse’s issue. He doesn’t want Big Brother telling him or anyone else what to do. I don’t completely disagree there, but I feel the government’s primary role is to protect it’s citizens. And not just from terrorist attacks, threat of disease, or natural disasters. The government needs to protect our interests as well. Laws set the standard. As long as abortion is legal, we are setting the standard that all life is not important. If he seriously believes that the government shouldn’t interfere in any part of our lives, then he is calling for outright anarchy. Murder is wrong. Theft is wrong. Rape is wrong. The government has to protect citizens by enforcing law and order. That’s just common sense, no matter what political party you happen to fall under.

I mostly feel like everything Jesse said is dated and irrelevant. My wife, Abby is the sole bread winner in our family. She goes out on the road while I stay at home with the kids. Does that mean Abby is trying to hold me back? Do I feel I am being oppressed? Um, no! There are several times in the video that he says men only want women having babies to keep them in their place. Last I checked, my Bible said that men are to love their wives as Christ loved the Church. It does not say I am to keep my wife barefoot and pregnant while ruling over her with an iron fist. The gender role argument with abortion just doesn’t carry a lot of weight anymore. Especially when Biblical gender roles are so grossly misunderstood by non-religious people. I know too many women that are speaking out in support of their bodies, sexuality, motherhood, and the right to life. Having 4 kids has not slowed my wife down one bit.

Jesse is the one who is out of touch…not “right-to-lifers”.

“Religion’s failure to persuade, so now they want to legislate.”

Personally, I don’t want to just legislate. There is no reason to give up on teaching people that abortion should not just be illegal, it should be unthinkable. Why is rape illegal? Because it should be unthinkable. Why is child abuse illegal? Because it should be unthinkable. The government should be a reflection of what the people think is morally right and wrong. If the government does not “legislate” that abortion should be illegal, then why would abortion ever be unthinkable? Laws often dictate our morality.

“Right-to-lifers want to take away food stamps…”

This whole argument that pro life people only care about the baby being born then disappear afterwards is just silly. No, we don’t want to take away their safety net. No, we don’t want mothers to struggle after their babies are born. Pregnancy centers and pregnancy homes are pretty good about making sure women get the assistance they need. Not just that, they also teach them and encourage women to take care of themselves. Food stamps and other aid programs are meant to be stepping stones, not a way of life. So forgive us if we think it’s better to educate and prepare these parents for real life and get them out of government funded programs. (Less government control right, Jesse?) When you think about how so many pro-choicers want women to be enslaved to an entitlement system, it really begs the question of who is actually looking out for the best interest of these women.

“Fantasy abstinence world is a joke”?!?!?!

This statement is offensive beyond all reasoning. How is abstinence a fantasy? In fact, billions of people are being abstinent right now while I am writing this. I hate this idea that we are all wild animals that can’t control ourselves. People act like our bodies are made to have lots of sex and it should be awesome. Well, that’s just ridiculous. Yes, sex is real and people are having it. Does that mean we should just stand back and let it happen because that’s what the kids want to do? Absolutely not!! We can teach our kids about the purpose of sex and our bodies. Sex is not a recreational sport. It is not to be abused. There are so many ways to abuse sex, and there are countless consequences that come with it. Sex is natural and beautiful and should be treated as such. But, sex can also be dangerous. Not just physically, but mentally as well. Addiction, disease, heartbreak, inability to commit, abortion, divorce, jealousy…the list is unending. And here’s what Jesse is saying, “Hey let’s go ahead and send our kids out with some condoms and see what happens. Let’s stand back and allow everyone to turn their lives into a crap shoot just to feel good for a few seconds. They won’t listen to us anyway, so let’s not even bother to teach them why their sexuality and their bodies deserve respect.”

Why not make a stand for abstinence?! Why not show that there is something better?!  Christians are not prudes, nor are we naive. We just have a better answer. I am offended that someone would call my choice and so many other’s choice to remain abstinent a “fantasy.”

“All right-to-lifers are men…”

Give me a break, Jesse. Look around. The stereotype of a pro lifer has changed dramatically over the last few years. Every year, half a million or more pro-life people show up at our nation’s capitol for the March For Life. I have been 3 times in the last 5 years. Trust me, it’s not just a bunch of grumpy old right-wingers shaking their fists at the independent lady folks. When I look around I see a sea of young men and women, all ages and races, and every religion or non religion are represented at the March. In fact, the majority of pro-life leaders (the relevant ones anyway) I know are women ranging from 16-50 years old. So please do me a favor and stop with the “pro lifers are sexist.” Pro-choicers should move on from that. We sure have.

Here are some not-so-old man pro life leaders you can Google or check out on Facebook: Abby Johnson (And Then There Were None), Claire Culwell; Abortion Survivor, Lila Rose (Live Action), Destiny De La Rosa (New Wave Feminists), Meagan Weber: From The Ashes, Jacquie Stalnaker (Silent No More), Lauren Muzyka (Sidewalk Advocates For Life), Kristina Garza (Survivors), Serrin Foster (Feminists for Life), Aimee Murphy (Life Matters Journal), Kelsey Hazzard (Secular Prolife), Leah Jacobson (The Guiding Star Project), Melissa Ohden; Abortion Survivor, Kristan Hawkins (Students for Life of America), Rebecca Kiessling; Conceived in Rape…the list goes on and on. Women run the pro life movement of today.

“The cost of having children…”

So we are now going to say that we should kill people because it’s CHEAPER??? Really?? You have seriously got to come up with a better argument than that.

“I am not pro-abortion”

Sorry Jesse, but yes you are. You don’t have participate in abortion to support it. All the Prochoice movement needs is your money or your verbal support. That, my friend, makes you prochoice. People who are for the death penalty are “pro-death penalty.” People who are for euthanasia are “pro-euthanasia.” People who are for stem cell research are “pro-stem cell research.” People who are for abortion are “pro-abortion.” It’s a hard label to wear, but if abortion is such a wonderful thing, then why wouldn’t you proudly stand FOR it?

Here are a couple more Jesse quotes from over the years to chew on…

It’s not so much that I think abortion should be legal as it is that I don’t think it can be made illegal without abusing the Constitution. Unless the government barged in at the precise moment the woman was there in the operating room with her feet in the stirrups, how would the government know she was getting an abortion? How could they even know she is pregnant without infringing upon her rights? Ultimately, I have to support keeping it legal. The government has to stay out of this one. (Source: Do I Stand Alone, by Jesse Ventura, p.150 , Jul 2, 2000)

The decision of whether or not to have an abortion does not belong in politics. It belongs with the woman, her family, her physician and possibly her clergy. The choice is personal, not political, and should stay that way. We have too much governmental intrusion into peoples’ lives, we should decrease that intrusion, not impose it upon something that should be so personal. (Source: 1998 campaign web site, jesseVentura.org/98campaign , Nov 1, 1998)

To sum up, I will say this: Mr Ventura, you were very entertaining as a wrestler and congrats on that little stint as Governor. You have been very successful at everything you have taken on, and I admire that. You are completely entitled to have your own opinion on all matters and I would never take that away from you. But, when it comes to the matter of abortion, I think both sides are better off if you stay away.


  1. I’d love to invite Jesse to come with me to an abortion center to see how things REALLY are! Pray for Jesse.

  2. Starting at 4:04 “It’s not going to go away. You’re just going to push abortions into the back alley again where not only then will the mother be in danger as well as the fetus and the whole thing will be a complete mess like before…”

    Um…I am pretty sure the fetus is in danger in ANY abortion procedure back alley or not. They are what is trying to be eliminated.

  3. “Here are some not-so-old man pro life leaders you can Google or check out on Facebook: Abby Johnson (And Then There Were None) . . . Rebecca Kiessling; Conceived in Rape…the list goes on and on. Women run the pro life movement of today.”

    To pick up the baton after your great start, some more names: Monica Snyder of Secular Pro-Life, Kristine Kruszelnicki of Pro-Life Humanists, Sarah Terzo of Clinic Quotes, Kristin Monahan on FB at Riot Grrrls for Life: Pro-Life, Roni Cairns at adminraptor.blogspot.com, Elizabeth Doecke at https://elizabethprolife.wordpress.com/, Deanna Unyk (all non-religious, since religion is also a concern of Ventura’s); and Carol Tobias of National Right-to-Life Committee, maybe the biggest pro-life organization in the world, and Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony list.

    • And Gianna Jessen (abortion survivor) and Jill Stanek.

    • Bernie Smyth of precious life. Belfast, Northern Ireland is another wonderful leader so dedicated in her faith and work against abortion. She may be going to prison for so called harassment. Please pray for her.

      Thank you.

      • I will Pray for her and for Ireland.
        However, I will say I am not surprised about the harassment charges considering mine and Abby’s personal experiences with her. My wife was new to the pro life movement, maybe 1 year in. We were at the Walk for Life in DC and Bernie approached my wife while she was sitting having a good time with our friends. She confronted Abby because Abby doesn’t like graphic signs.(At least not at the clinics. They have their place.) Then Bernie claimed that she and she alone was the reason abortion has been kept out of Ireland. When Abby suggested that maybe God had something to do with it she said, “No, it’s because of me.” She had to be pulled away from Abby because she was being so belligerent. I don’t know if she remembers that, but we sure do.

        • I’ve never met her so I don’t know her personality. I’m not religious so I’d have to agree with her that she is one of a very small group of leaders who have managed to keep abortion out of Ireland.
          The UN, the politicians, Planned parenthood and the media have, for the last 20 yeArs been very focused on introducing abortion into Ireland, they haven’t succeeded because of people like Bernie Smith who has been fearless in her defence of the unborn . Like I said I’ve never met her personally (I live in the Republic, while she primarily campaigns in the North) but Ireland is subject to the same biased campaigning from multi million dollar organisations, and I believe Bernie, not God is one of the reasons that abortion remains a crime in Ireland.

          • Fair enough, but you did ask us to pray for her, so you must believe God has some role in what’s going on there. Either way, I am not saying she doesn’t do awesome work. She is great for Ireland. But, she is not our favorite pro lifer.

            Sorry about the UN and PP trying to ruin your country. Those guys really suck. Hope you guys can keep them out. Apathy and laziness is how abortion became legal and stayed legal here. Keep up the good work.

  4. Great responses! The pro-choice side has no new arguments to counter the logic and truth of the pro-life reasoning , except…….the “yes, we know it’s a life” that abortionists are coming out with lately. And I do not think that will help their cause.

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