On To Number 7
Abby and I after we closed on our house.

On To Number 7

Abby and I after we closed on our house.

Abby and I after we closed on our house.



In the 9+ years that Abby and I have been married, we moved 7 times. As of today, We just closed on number 6 and now we are renting number 7. And if  you don’t think that’s crazy enough, we are planning on moving at least one more time. In the next couple years, we hope to build the perfect house on the perfect section of land. Let’s just pray that lucky number 8 is the end of our moving.

When I think back on each of our different houses, for the most part they were all just buildings that we put our stuff in. Some of them were nice and some of them were embarrassing. Our first house was a two bedroom shack. It was a pier and beam home with industrial carpeting throughout. The windows whistled when the wind blew and the whole thing shook every time the thunder clapped. Another fun addition was that the laundry room was in a shed attached to the back of the house. But my favorite and most charming detail was the flea infected stray dog that came with the house. His name was Bevo and was pretty much our responsibility. It wasn’t the greatest home, but it was our first.

Now, here we are 6 houses later saying goodbye to our favorite home. We lived in house number 6 for a good 3 1/2 years. Abby fell in love with the house and decided it had to be the one. A three car garage and a movie room had me pretty much hooked too. But these aren’t the details that make number 6 special. So many special and memorable moments happened at this house.

This is the house we lived in when Abby and I officially came into The Catholic Church.We had a pretty nice celebration afterwards at that house. We also celebrated two of our sons baptisms at that house. We will continue to go to the same parish, but we used to live about 5 minutes away. That was nice too.

We had two very nice young ladies living with us while we were in house number 6. Both of them are still significant parts of our life. One of them is even Godmother to our first boy, Alex. We had lots of comers and goers pass through. There was a running joke that our house should be called “Hotel Johnson.” There were visitors from all the country, even one from Australia. Almost every person that passed through our home was already or has become a good friend to our family.

With all the special occasions, Christmases, movie nights, birthdays, and everything other memory, none will compare to the fact that we made three very special kids in that house. Alex, Luke, and Carter were all conceived in house number 6. This is also the house we brought them home to after they were born. I will always remember having a normal conversation with Abby in our bathroom when she interrupted me with “I’m pregnant!!” I didn’t see the pregnancy test in her hand and I was jabbering on while she checked it for the results. We weren’t trying, considering we had just had Alex 3 months earlier. But we were excited and I couldn’t help but show it on my face. The fun part was that Abby’s parents were in the other room. Abby went running out into the living room waving the test in the air. “Guess what! I’m Pregnant!” Her folks were just as happy as we were and we all hugged and laughed about having our third kiddo. Eight months later we were bringing Luke home from the hospital.

I will also never forget finding out were having our fourth baby. Abby had taken a pregnancy test earlier in the week and it said she wasn’t pregnant. We were actually a little relieved. We had just had two boys 11 months apart from each other. We figured our hands were full enough with three kids and two in diapers. We wanted more, but we figured Abby’s body needed at least a year off. Well, this night, I walked into the bathroom and there was Abby crying in the bathtub. She had the pregnancy test in her hand and she was slumped over looking defeated. I asked her what was wrong. When she told me, my reaction was less than favorable. I went in the other room to let it sink in before I went back to comfort Abby. Now this all may seem a little over dramatic, but keep in mind, Abby had just been traveling for her job as a pregnant woman for two years straight. We were both exhausted from the lack of sleep that comes with having a 6 year old and 2 babies. Thankfully, our pity party didn’t last long. After a night of sleep and talking to some good friends, we realized that everything would be ok. God had it all under control and we were more than equipped to handle another baby. Our stress turned to joy as we realized we get to have another child in our lives. We knew we wanted a large family, God was just blessing a little faster than we expected.

So here we are in another home. We still have all the same furniture. We still call ourselves Catholic. We still have all the same kids with the same wonderful personalities. I still cook the same foods,and Abby still does the same pro life work. To say we are blessed would be an understatement. Our family will be awesome no matter where we are. So here’s to the next house we end up in and hoping it’s awesome enough for us to stay in it.


Happy Gilmore: [to his golf ball] Why you don’t you just go HOME? That’s your HOME! Are you too good for your HOME? ANSWER ME! 

Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore

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  1. I LOVE LOVED your explanation of spanikng last post. That is exactly how we do it too, and are 100% confident it is Biblical and worth the time it takes. We say if he doesn’t walk away smiling we did it wrong. That sounds so bizarre to some people, but spanikng isn’t to make your kids mad and angry and pouty…it is to show them that they have crossed a boundary, bring them back, and restore the relationship.

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