And Here We Go
Me and Abby

And Here We Go

Me and Abby

Me and Abby

Have you heard the one about the stay at home dad that loves his job, kids, and supports his wife’s career and dreams with only minimal complaining. Well, if you’re interested, this is the blog for you. For those of you who have a clue who I am, you know that my wife is Pro-Life activist, author, public speaker, and #1 mother to my four amazing kiddos, Abby Johnson. Now, it seems as though there has been some interest in what goes on behind the curtains of our life. Abby tends to get lots of questions about me, the kids, and our home life (before and after her conversion). So I decided why not tell the more fun, less professional side of our families’ story.


Right off the bat, I want to tell you guys, that if you don’t know anything about us or Abby’s story, you can just go ahead and Google her. I have no intentions of retelling anything from her book, or anything else that she has already put out there. Every once in a while, I may give a little insight into those things, but for the most part, l want to avoid telling the same story. If anything, I will give my own perspective that parallels Abby’s story.


What I want to do here is give everyone a peek into what it’s like to be a stay at home dad and husband to a very successful and driven woman. If anything, I will be revealing a lot about my interests and personality. So here are some things you can expect:

  •  Day to day insight of raising kids at home
  • Stories from travelling with Abby
  • Support directed towards my friends in the pro-life movement
  • I love craft beer, sooooo… let’s throw that in too
  • I am a big on movies and love to talk about them,
  • I used to teach special ed, and I still enjoy discussing education and I have some great stories from those years
  • We joined the Catholic Church a couple years back, so that should have a huge influence on this blog.


So with that nice little intro, I hope to start blogging on a fairly regular basis. I hope to have some fun and reveal the lighter side of our family. Although we are very involved in the pro-life movement, it does not consume our days and nights. So get ready for the story from the man behind the woman and all their amazing kids.



Well, I have a microphone, and you don’t, SO YOU WILL LISTEN TO EVERY DAMN WORD I HAVE TO SAY!

Adam Sandler, The Wedding Singer


  1. I’m going to enjoy following you. Are you on FB so I can see when new blogs are posted?

  2. Hurray! Looking forward to Words from Doug……

  3. This is going to be fun! So excited to see what you end up sharing Doug. Your life is a gorgeous mess of chaos and kisses; we all need to see more people with your approach.

  4. I second the request to put out email notifications when you post. That would help me tremendously! I am part of a non profit in Indiana that helps women in crisis pregnancies. I am awed by everything Abby has accomplished with God’s grace since she left the abortion industry. Thank you for sharing the personal insights to your family. God bless you all!

  5. I love the wedding singer… lol.

    What kind of movies? Are you a philosophical movie goer (think ‘Inception’, ‘The Matrix’) or an action movie goer (‘Avengers’, the ‘Bourne’ movies), or a combination thereof or something else altogether?

    Excited to see what comes up here. 🙂

    • I guess my favorite movies would be sic/fi and fantasy. I actually own all the movies you mentioned. I love summer blockbusters. I didn’t see much this summer, considering I have 3 kids in diapers, but that’s ok. I love independent films like 50/50 or Lars And The Real Girl, as well as some horror. I love zombies and vampires, but no thanks on the mega gore. Abby and I are big fans of the R rated comedies like 40 Year Old Virgin or Our Idiot Brother. Just love me some movies as you can see.

  6. A catholic daddy blogger !! LUV it

  7. Congratulations Doug on starting your blog. I am looking forward to reading about your insights into family life and faith matters – movies too! congratulations too on the recent birth of baby Carter! I am sure you are a super busy dad.

  8. Well done Doug

  9. Love Abby’s work and follow her on facebook. Looking forward to your blogs. God bless you and your family.

  10. Can’t wait to hear your side of the story. Please include a follow by email button, so we can get reminders whenever you post. I’m not great at seeking out the blogs I like to follow, but when they show up in my inbox, I’m good! 🙂

  11. Welcome to the blogosphere, Doug. I look forward to your insights. God bless you and your family.

  12. We love your blog Doug! Keep posting!

  13. Sounds like fun, Doug! Thanks for sharing and I’m looking forward to a glimpse behind the curtains – oh, and let’s not forget the beer.

  14. Blogs are wonderful. I’m looking forward to learning more about you and your inspirational family!

  15. Ann Couper-Johnston

    Welcome! I love what Abby is doing and it will be great to hear more of the informal side and from a different perspective.

    Best wishes to Clinton and all the family, and thank you for the support you give Abby – I’m sure many will join me in appreciating that.

    My sister works in special ed, too and has just started the new school year.

    God bless!

  16. This sounds really interesting

  17. Great Idea! You both are Blessed! Cling to each other! I lived in Bryan & in College Station about 30 yrs ago…I met Abby at a RTL Conference in Louisville, Ky a couple of years ago…I love that she is REAL & that she is MERCIFUL! Having your input will be even more real…

  18. Woo, first comment ever! Well, I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from you, Doug! (Mr. Johnson? What should I call you?) This looks like a great start to your blog 😀

  19. Hello! I used to be a stay at home Dad, but had to stop doing that because my wife couldn’t bear the pressure of breadwinning. And now my kids are grown, so no chance of returning to that job, probably the best job I ever had! Thanks for sharing, and I will look forward to your future posts.

  20. Sounds good so far. I know you’ll do great at this. Always loved hearing ur stories when we worked together. Give my love to the fam.

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