Ranking The Marvel Studios Movies, Including Civil War


After reading BUZZFEED’s  rankings of all the Marvel Universe films, I decided I wanted to do my own. I just did not agree with their list. Not to mention, I figured it’d be kinda fun to have a go at it. I just finished watching “Captain America: Civil War”, AND IT WAS AWESOME. So, now is the time to rank all the movies. ... Read More »

All This “No Uterus” Shaming Has Got To STOP!!

no uterus

…being a man, with NO uterus, trust me on this… -Random woman talking down to me on my Facebook page I gotta be honest. There is nothing a pro-choicer can say that is more annoying than, “You don’t have a uterus, so you don’t get an opinion.” Or, “You’ll never be pregnant, so you don’t get to have a say.” ... Read More »

Does Pregnancy Equal Slavery?


About a month ago, I posted a graphic comparing the injustice of abortion to the injustice of slavery. For the most part, the response was great. I think the majority of people understood what I was trying to say. There were a few people who disagreed. That’s fine. I appreciate differing points of view. If anything, it’s nice to have the ... Read More »

Adopting Jude: We Need To Get A Bigger Van


Hey there, folks!! Before you read this, you should know that this is a continued story about adopting our son Jude.  If you haven’t read part one yet, please click HERE. If you have read it, feel free to read it again. I hope you guys enjoy part two.  Alright, where did I leave off? Oh yeah! I had finally decided ... Read More »

2015 End of Year Review


I found these questions as a way to review the past year. There were a ton of them, so I picked the ones I like the most. They were a;already layer out by category, so that made it pretty convenient. Just cut and paste and start answering the questions. I think this is pretty fun and a good way to ... Read More »

8 of The Meanest Things My Parents Ever Did To Me.


It’s funny, when you are growing up, you tend to think your parents are just trying to torment you with silly rules. Now that I am a parent, I have found that “You’ll understand when you’re older,” is actually a legitimate explanation. NOTE: Before you read this, please know that I am not trying to tell anyone how to parent their ... Read More »

The Parking Attendant, Jim Gaffigan, & A Homeless Man


About a year ago a small group of us went to see our favorite comedian, Jim Gaffigan in Dallas, TX. It was me, my wife Abby, our friends Wes and Nichola, and our gal-pal Heather. All I expected out of the trip was to laugh so hard our cheeks hurt, have a good dinner, and get up the next day to ... Read More »

The Day I Wanted To Quit My Parenting Job.


I don’t care if you have 1 kid or 10 kids. It makes no difference if they’re older or if they wear diapers. It doesn’t matter if you are laid back or high strung. Single parent, rich, poor, have a nanny, live with the grandparents, have a doctorate in child development… none of that matters. There will be days when ... Read More »

The Taming of The Beard


For about 5 years now, I have proudly sported a beard. I am not sure why, but for most of my beard growing life, I kept myself clean shaven. It’s odd, because I grow a nice full black beard. (All black except for the new grey guys that are moving in. No biggie.) Maybe it was because I didn’t know ... Read More »

Dear President Obama…


NOTE: YOU CAN PROBABLY SKIP THE VIDEOS AND STILL GET THE POINT Every so often, I am reminded how much I love people with Down syndrome. Right after that, I am reminded that the abortion industry has a huge bullseye on these children in the womb. I spent 5 years as a special education teacher, and it was probably one ... Read More »